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08 August 2009, 10:13 PM
Perhaps you can give me some tips to improve this work.

This is my last personal project. Was created using Lightwave 9.6.

It has the latest technology nodes (FAST SKIN) that incorporates LW is the latest versions of software. Congratulations from now on Newtek progress.

Also uses fiver FX for the hair although I still need to improve the application.

The system is a native rendering, global light (Final Gather)

Modeling the clothes and the chair is composed of high-resolution textures. In this case it was entirely modeled in LW, because Displacement nodes as possible to achieve what I wanted without having to use other software such as Mudbox.

As for the tabs using polygons SUBPATCH.

Finally add some noise in postproduction, blur and Chromatic Aberration for realism.

Well, I hope you enjoy and can criticize without problems.

Greetings from Argentina. ( (

08 August 2009, 12:44 PM
Very nice! A few crits:

1. I would expect to see more colour bleeding in certain areas, particularly the folds of the ears, the eyelids and inside the nose. It feels like however you're controlling the colour of subsurface scattering could use being a bit more saturated (I don't know LW so can't really comment on exact technique).

2. The eyes are feeling a bit lifeless. They could use stronger subsurface to kill the dark shadows you're getting on the screen left eyeball. You also need some kind of caustic from the cornea. Take a look at this: you see how the iris is lit up on the opposite side from the key light? That's because the cornea is focusing light onto it (and you also get scattered light bleeding into the sclera slightly, creating that yellow line screen left of the iris). If this is just for a still you might as well just paint that into your textures.

3. For me the least realistic part of this image is the hair. I don't know what LW offers in terms of hair shaders, but you need more spec for hair that straight. Take a look at this paper for an explanation (with images) of how light is scattering from hair:

08 August 2009, 01:18 PM
If this is just for a still you might as well just paint that into your textures.

And if it's not for a still, it's very easy to create by making the geometry a bit concave and using colored reflection for the cornea. It can be higher than 1 to create the caustics effect. At least I can't imagine using real caustics for this, maybe renderman can handle it, but with shitty photons it doesn't work so well.
I see a problem with the white part of the eye being not occluded, so I would use an occlusion pass for this part to get rid of this contrasty line, especially at the bottom.
The slim line of wetness in the lower part ofthe eye could be more pronounced, because I notced by it only looking for it.

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08 August 2009, 01:18 PM
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