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08 August 2009, 04:52 PM
Hey all,

To cut to the chase, I'm 20, live in NYC and I'm been wanting to enter the film/production industry. Right now, I'm thinking about attending a vocational school to give me training so that I can earn an entry level job that has something to do with the film industry as soon as I graduate. From there, that'll be by first step.

However, here in NYC, the only job market available that pertains to entertainment and media seems to be Graphic Design, things like making magazine covers and CD sleeves. I'm starting to think in order to become involved with a film production job, I'll have to move to a different state that has the right job market.

Anyone has an idea on which vocational school should I attend and under which major should I study so that I can get me an entry level job with the entertainment industry? Is NYC even a good place to start?

Any wisdom would be appreciated.

08 August 2009, 06:05 PM
NYC has a huge film and production market. You should consider going to NYU or SVA for film or CG.

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08 August 2009, 10:30 PM
Hi Krzy,

Thanks for the advice. What are the common entry level jobs in NYC regarding film? Can SVA or NYU grant me job placements?
I'm asking because right now, my family is in a bit of a financial jam, and investing money for a few semesters of expensive schooling wouldn't be possibile. I'm thinking of enrolling in a short term program that can get me into the job market. So that way, I can gather enough money then consider going into SVA or NYU full time.

Is this a good plan?

08 August 2009, 10:47 PM
Well I think in the long run you'd be spending more money doing a short program now and then a longer one later. You might as well go to SVA or NYU now. As an SVA student I know its every expensive. But I can not deny that SVA gave me all the tools to go out and get internships at studios and start freelancing.

If your a dedicated and hardworking student you should not worry too much about spending money on an education because in the end you'll find work.

Theres not much job placement at schools but in my program my department head does a very good job at helping me contact studios and employees there who were students at SVA in the past.

Honestly I dont know what advice I can give you if you want to peruse film or film production. This forum is mainly for post production and CG.

I heard NYU's film program is great and SVA's Film dept is alright.

Honestly, I dont think you can find an entry level job coming out of a short program. You'll still be competing for the same job as students with years of experience are trying to get.

Good Luck.


Are you interested in doing FILM or CG? Big difference. The amount of students who get work in the CG field far outweighs the number of students who get work in the FILM field.

08 August 2009, 11:05 PM

nyc is better known for it's independent and documentary film industries. For cg/vfx, with the exception of Blue Sky, the industry is geared more towards commercials and advertising.

nyc and la are the top two film industry hubs in the states, buy geared towards different areas. Your basic entry level job would be as a production assistant. Other positions that require more specific knowledge include grips, gaffers, camera assistants, etc.

if you get a job following a short program, it is unlikely you will go back to school for a longer program unless you want more structure and education concerning the entire production process. In other words, a short vocational program would focus on job specific skill sets while a long program would focus on learning the entire process and focusing on realizing your vision as a film maker.

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