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08 August 2009, 09:53 PM
Hello Zbrushers,

I'm starting up a private online Zbrush tutoring service that caters to beginners, amateurs, and intermediate students.

The idea is to help out those artists who really want to learn Zbrush and customize a learning plan to make bigger steps in their career. I can't imagine my everyday professional life without Zbrush and I want to pass along whatever knowledge I can. You can find more about the lessons, me, and how it all would work on my website ( ( See the Tutoring tab for more information if you are interested in something like this. I've also got some timelapse videos on my site that I've done for 3DCreative for casual viewing.



08 August 2009, 10:08 PM
To be clear on what this program is all about, here's a breakdown of what the tutoring entails:

These private online Zbrush lessons are for artists interested in getting some direct feedback and constructive critique on their work and process. There are a lot of different DVD's and instructional videos out there on how to technically use Zbrush but not a whole lot offered for those who would like to get specific and customized tutoring on their own work, techniques, and approach. The concept behind the lessons is that they are actually one-on-one via online communication.

For those interested, the first thing I'd do would be to take a look at your current portfolio of work, collaboratively assess what needs work, and also discuss what your personal goals would be with the lessons. This way you can get different assignments that are designed specifically if you are a complete beginner, or if you are trying to be more effective in a production setting in a studio, or as a hobbyist who just wants to improve their artistic abilities. I plan on recording my feedback and instruction through screen recording software so that you can have visual and audio content to refer to and not just read in an email.

The rates are based per lesson video which is derived from your customized program (that we can assess together) and you can stop and start or discontinue anytime you like. So if you feel like you are getting somewhere and want to take 10 progressive lessons in a row or if you feel like you've gotten what you need out of the lessons after just two, then you can stop. And then you can always continue again whenever you want. Based on that, the rate would be $60 per lesson video. Each video should run around 60 minutes in length. The amount of videos you need depends on your learning desire and projected courseload. Paypal will be the payment method. I'm trying to keep this tutoring customized and personal so it's truly beneficial for the artist.

Also, the main group of artists that I'm focusing on would be more in line with beginners and novices but I surely welcome any of you intermediate and advanced artists who would find interest in this kind of instruction. However, keep in mind that there will be a limit on how many students I will be able to take so that I can be sure I'm giving each student their necessary attention and devotion. This all depends on who contacts me and is serious about learning!

The idea behind this tutoring is that I actually record my screen and voice as I work and instruct and then I pass along this video footage to you. When I do this, I'll be in essence assigning you some homework/projects so you can practice what I'm teaching you about. This is what makes the experience different than most tutorials/dvds. After the first couple lessons, you should be able to work on an actual project and get feedback from me in video/audio form that you can use to improve your work. We'll be discussing more than just zbrush actually as there'll be points of anatomy, proportion, style, etc. So it should be quite informative and I think it will be fun to collaborate on this level. I'm an easy-going fella and enjoy a bit of humor so this won't be too institutional and boring. Also, you can stop and start the service when you want, so if you get busy with work or have to take a break for whatever reason, just let me know. Or if you feel like you've gotten what you want out of tutoring and want to stop the service, that's fine too.

With all that being said, my rates are based on this personal interaction and what level of time will be involved from both of us as well as production time.

Since I'm sure most artists don't know that much about me, allow me to introduce myself. I'm an entirely self-taught digital artist who's been working in the cg industry for about 9 years. Before Zbrush came along, I was primarily using 3ds Max as my software of choice. I started exploring the fascinating world of Zbrush when version 2 came out a while back and I fell in love with the program and the freedom it offered me to model and sculpt whatever I want. I now combine the two programs and use the power of each to create my art. I'm also proud to be on the BETA team for both ZBrush and Topogun. I hold a Bachelors of Environmental Design degree from Texas A&M University and now co-own an animation and vfx studio in Dallas, Texas called Green Grass Studios, LLC. My passion, focus, and responsibility resides mainly in the character/concept design and production services. I have knowledge and experience in the entire aspect of asset production in a studio setting as well as doing illustrations for movie posters and game cover art. I've worked with several companies over the years including Warner Brothers, Mandalay Films, ReelFX Creative Studios, Janimation, NBA Dallas Mavericks and San Antonio Spurs, and 3008, among others. The past couple years, I've written numerous tutorials and making of's for various groups like 3DCreative magazine, GoMotion magazine, and Render Out. I've also been published in several of the Ballistic Publishing cg art books over the years.

If you are interested in starting up your own lessons with me, please contact me via email or my website.


here's an example of the latest character I've created with ZBrush, 3ds max, and Photoshop:

04 April 2010, 02:53 PM
I just wanted to announce a new thing I'm doing called Monthly ZBrush Training. If you are a ZBrush character artist looking to get some extra training, this would be for you!

It's different than the Private ZBrush Tutoring I already offer as it's only $14.95 per month and it's basically a monthly video subsciption service. This is a "how I do it" kind of video that runs about 60 minutes usually (if not more) and will cover a wide range of topics in the world of ZBrush and how it pertains to character creation. For more information about the service and to subscribe please visit the dedicated site for my teaching/tutoring. (

There is a FAQ section, a sample video excerpts, and info about me so you can feel all warm and fuzzy about signing up!

I would love to have some new subscribers signed up so we can get started this month on some cool studies. Should be fun!


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04 April 2010, 02:53 PM
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