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08 August 2009, 09:33 PM
I saw a dvd on modeling destructed buildings and all but I can't afford it , so are there any tips or tutorials on how to model destroyed buildings,pillars,temples or anything destructed?? Thanks guys.

08 August 2009, 04:22 AM

08 August 2009, 07:05 AM
i don't get it.. what's the problem? it's like modeling a building that's not destroyed (or anything for that matter). Find reference, then start modeling. if you're just looking to learn the basics, pick something else.. a destroyed building is probably not a good first project.

08 August 2009, 12:48 PM
I can model normal buildings, I need them for a project I am working on, like destroyed pillars, buildings and all that. ( Horror game ) I don't know if i'd use zbrush or if I just use the cut tool then delete the poly.

09 September 2009, 07:06 AM
a destroyed building is not exactly a tough task; basic poly modelling, good uv work,great texturing and a little detailing in zbrush.i suggest u do a fairly detailed drawing of the intended result so u dont model wat u dont need. u will be amazed by how the basic models create an awesome scene wen composited.
the texturing is wat will make or break a project like this.
check out sebastian legrain projection master techniques in zclassroom(zbrushcentral). the videos might help u detail the destroyed stuff fast.
gud luck!

10 October 2009, 09:20 PM
It would probably take longer than modeling a not so destroyed building XD depending on your level of detail, but yeah this doesn't seem like it would stray far from the basics.

Find some reference images and study them.

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