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08 August 2009, 06:18 PM
After reading on Pixarís job opportunity site, they inform and encourage everyone to send demo reels with all of their best work in any art form and not just limited to 3D modeling and animation alone, although you're encouraged to have some knowledge and skills in 3D work as well. This was a huge releif to know that they consider oneís fine art abilities as well. So thatís what I did before I start to send out dvdís and demo reels here real soon. I kept most of the original 3D animation demo reel toward the end, and added a lot of my best fine art work toward the beginning, along with some television spots I appeared in for skateboarding when I was about 14. Beleive me when I say this, itís a plus to have some sort of acting skills or atleast you enjoy the thought of acting or performing in some way. Studios like pixar and dreamworks among other animation or gaming studios emphasize this as a plus, although not necessary. Iím guessing itís because they want their artists to focus on liveliness and personality to come through their animation work.

I just find new information exciting and like to inform anyone else that may be interested. Well Enjoy!

Demo Reel 2009

Here's a link to my animated short, "The Harebrained Genius In Fortunate Mishaps"

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08 August 2009, 06:18 PM
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