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07 July 2009, 07:31 PM
Here's what I have so far. Since its going to be a t-shirt I want it to be read easily and to be simple. I'll have more design probably. Do you think the CGS logo is to big? Let me know what you think.

07 July 2009, 02:06 AM
Here's a more cleaner version, what do you think. It seemed like my draft was too cramped. So I spread them out. I created the skyline to make it feel 3D (almost cartoon shading) with it connecting to CGS logo. It seems a little more balanced now. Let me know what you think.

07 July 2009, 04:32 PM
You got a great start.

I for one liked the layout of your initial thumbnail, especially in the placement of the Atom symbol.

In your current version, the placement of the Atom just seems two far away from the rest of the design that it makes it appear very unbalanced.

Looking foward to see your next design iteration.


07 July 2009, 06:16 PM
I did a couple of small tweaks let me know what you think. I also place a shirt to see placement wise. I did one that looks like the initial design. I also placed the atom closer like you suggested and a third (which I tried to convey somewhat earlier), similar to above but spans almost the width of the shirt (max size was 10"). I'm leaning more toward 2 & 3.

You know after looking at it with the t-shirt, that chicago font looks like the white sox one. Strange isn't it? And I only used whatever eps CGS gave us. I'll try to do somewhat of a different design using a cube thing.

08 August 2009, 12:21 AM
I sketched up a different design. Here it is. I'll have some other peliminaries of this soon. Will still be simple/clean in design. The buildings won't be detailed at all.

08 August 2009, 12:05 PM
These are looking great. At first I wasn't sure that it would look different enough from the logo, but once you put it on the shirt I can see how cool it would look. Keep going with that second idea as well. It has some great potential.


08 August 2009, 09:42 PM
Here is my design for 2nd version. Did the buildings (in simple form) in 3d. Did a live trace in Illustrator with some tweaks. Finished it all in illustrator.

08 August 2009, 06:58 PM
I think the block design is interesting, but gets really heavy on the shirt. Have you tried incorporating the new cityscape with the previous design?

08 August 2009, 07:21 PM
I get what you're saying. I'll trying incorporating the new cityscape with the former design and see how it goes.

09 September 2009, 02:29 AM
Congrats and great job on winning the contest Ronan!

Tanya :thumbsup:

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09 September 2009, 02:29 AM
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