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07 July 2009, 06:56 PM
Hi to all,

I have researched about S3D (Stereoscopic 3D), but all the info is focused in the projection process, not in the pre production Pipeline and post production.

I am new in stereoscopic rendering and I am wondering the pipeline in rendering Stereoscopic from maya to be seen with the Real D technology (not Anaglyph). Also, How to prepare the render if it's set to be projected in cinemas with Real D technology. I heard it must be in 2k, correct me if I am wrong please.

Finally, which software Do you recommend me to use for compositing (like Lustre Autodesk used in "Monsters vs Aliens").

Thank you all, hope to receive answers, sorry for this long post but my english sucks.

07 July 2009, 05:32 AM
Well Lustre is a grading suite but it allows the grading of stereo images. For compositing I believe Nuke is good for stereo and Im sure most of the current node based compositors do stereo (excluding shake).

As for doing renders, it is the same setup in maya as anaglyph however in the end I believe there are two projectors with some sort polarizing element on each. The glasses act as filters so each eye gets a seperate image. So your setup would be a render from each camera in your scene or compositor. One for each eye. The resolution should just be the same as normal cinema output. I am not very familiar with this process and maybe Im giving just a really basic idea. But this is my understanding of the principals.

07 July 2009, 07:16 AM
Check out FXPHD they have two separate courses that cover stereo compositing

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07 July 2009, 07:16 AM
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