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07 July 2009, 05:59 AM
Render from the trailer.

Hey Guys,

My name is Evan Schaible (obviously from the little icon over to the left) and I am directing the development of the trailer for a pretty unique independent game called Aero Empire. The games style is a mix of oriental and steam punk. It is an epic story of political struggle and ingenuity all based around the chaos and advancement of the invention of the steam engine. There is much more to the story, and this trailer will be quite a portfolio piece as already with just our environments being created the outcomes are stunning. The main tools we will be using are Vue, Procedural City Engine, 3DS Max, Maya and a few other programs. Our main composting software will likely be either Fusion or Nuke. There is also an open invitation for work on the game itself. The engine has been written from the ground up which so far includes a completed rendering engine, particle effects simulator, among other things. If those who are interested in working on the cinematic would like to continue their work on the game itself that is an option.

With all of that said here is what we are currently looking for. If you have a skill set that is not mentioned here and would like to apply, please feel free to do so. This is an online collaborative project (you will be working on your own workstation from your home), and income is possible but not guaranteed, and is based upon the amount of work completed, as well as the revenue the game brings in. This means that if any income is available it will be solely based on how much the game itself brings in, and will be divided according to the amount, and quality of work you have COMPLETED. So just consider this project a portfolio piece that does not have pay, and you will be fine. Details concerning this will be further discussed with accepted applicants.


Modelershould be able to work with industry standard file formats such as Collada and FBX, as well as software like Maya and 3DS Max in order to fit into our pipeline seamlessly. If you use other software like Modo, Houdini or Blender, as long as you can import and export the aforementioned file formats, as well as optimize normals and UV's for use in Autodesk software, there should be no problem.

Organic modeling: We are looking for high poly modeler to work on main characters as well as extras for animation and crowd simulation. Experience is not a main concern, but you need to have knowledge of modeling obviously. So no matter your age you can apply and you will be considered based solely on your previous work, not your experience, degree, or age.

Inorganic Modeling: We are looking for high poly modeler to build sets (buildings, streets, greebles like street lights, and other things, etc.) for use within animated sets. Again, there is no age or experience requirement, just be sure you know what you are doing and can prove it. :)
Render from the game engine.


Animators should have experience with IK animation and be well versed in baking, as well as delivering key framed animation to other artists in a pipeline. This does not mean you need studio experience, you just need to know how to do it. Again, experience with file formats that allow deliverable animation is a necessity.


I will be directly working in a creative aspect on matte creation, but would greatly benefit from other experienced artists to work with. This project will be mostly done in Vue, so experience with e-on Vue is a must. You will need to know how to work with Vue xStream inside of 3DS Max, as well as have a working knowledge of ecosystems, the atmosphere editor and how to import, export, and set up premade models using the ecosystem features. We will use Vue 6 xStream.


Again I will be working on this in a creative aspect, but like the environment creation would greatly benefit from other talented artists. Must be able to work with Particle Flow (including Box 1, and 2) inside of 3DS Max. If you are in need, we may be able to work out a timed license of PFlow tools box 2 (this is unconfirmed but a slight possibility). This will include scenes that are similar to those found in The Pirates of the Caribbean with pirate ship like airship being torn apart by canon fire, bursting into flames, and other procedural particle and volumetric effects. It would be great if you had experience with Frantic Films Krakatoa, as well as FumeFX. But there is need also of basic particle effects.

If you are interested please visit the forums of the main site in order to apply. The project head (TerraNova on the forum) will review your application, or the appropriate department head will review your application and promptly get in touch with you concerning pipeline details, and where you would like to start.

Aero Sphere Studios
Go to the "Join the Team" section to apply.

If you would like to see current progress and are interested in applying please contact me via email and I will point you to screen shots to show you the caliber of design we are working on.

Thank you very much in advance.

Evan Schaible (

07 July 2009, 06:47 PM
Hey Evan, how you doing. If I wasn't so busy Id help. Looks interesting.

07 July 2009, 03:49 AM
i could help if im not to busy

07 July 2009, 12:01 AM
Hey Randy,

What were you interested in doing? Would be great to have some extra hands, even if only for a piece of the project.

- Evan

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