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07 July 2009, 12:39 PM
This Demo Reel containes most of the projects (finished, unfinished), wich I worked on since I started to study MAYA and 3D Animation (in 2007).

Everything made in MAYA, and everything produced by myself. :)

I hope You'll enjoy it! :)

Peter Gal Demo Reel 2009 (

Another link :) (

07 July 2009, 03:54 PM
Link doesn't work, but I found it through Google. Here's a working link (

I thought the flying marbles were kinda cool, but I didn't see the point of showing just a wireframe of the building at the end without switching to the shaded view at some point. Some parts were too long, in my opinion, like the brick wall and the wireframe walkthrough. You might want to get rid of the animated clock altogether unless you render it with the material you shown earlier, which was very good. I think the growing tree was one of the strongest piece (if you forget some of the glitches), maybe you could put it at the begining?

You say some projects are unfinished, does it mean you plan to do another demo reel once you're done?

07 July 2009, 10:18 AM
Thank you for the post and the working link! :beer:

The flying marbles realy just a camera animation, the only thing is moving there, is the camera. :) The whole reel is actualy putted together for one job application in a hurry (took about 5 our). This is the reason, why it got some (many) unfinished parts, such as the wireframe walktrough and the clock (wich is realy a clanky /at least I got the shape :)/). Of course I willing to finish those and even fix the tree sequence as well, and when I done I definitely wanted to do another demo reel out of it. It was realy just a fast „throwing together things” reel, for that particular application. I know it’s not the right way of dooing this, but I thought I share, and this way I can get some good advice for the next one as yours as well. Thank you again to take care about and specialy for the opinions and advices!


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07 July 2009, 10:18 AM
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