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07 July 2009, 11:12 PM
Most of the times (can say 20 to 1!) it just won't work!
I just can't post anything coz it didn't load completely whole the page (submit button etc isn't there!);

ah, and let me add, seems it ocured just for certain regions each time (as me I'm in Iran).

please resolve this horrible issue! I have to waste ALOT of time just to submit a simple reply;

for submitting this post I just refreshed the page about 40 times!! :( can you imagine how I feeling right now?! ;)

PLEASE solve this issue!
thanks in advance.

Firefox (last version)
Vista 64
workstation PC (powerfull)
512 kps connection

I will put here some image of what I see!

img 1:

img 2:

sorry for big images,

07 July 2009, 12:48 AM
Are you getting this issue all the time every day? Thousands of other users are not complaining about this so I can only assume there is an issue on your end.

To me it looks like the connection is timing out before the page has finished loading. Do you have a similar problem on other vBulletin forum sites?

07 July 2009, 01:28 AM
not every day but most times in some days; most days I just leave about to post when I see the error! for now it turns to work better tho, for each post ~4 refresh it needs now that is more acceptable than 40! ;)

and I remember in past, someone else (4-5 people tho) from other regions reported it also (I think was at private section that report); at that time it resolved for a while (was at Steampunk challenge time);

and I've no such a problem in any other VB forums atall, it's just CGS that get this much error.

ah and let me add I tested this problem some months ago from some other computers from several locations and by different connections, all has error periods (means when it got start to getting error it was the same as my machine)

about timing out issue, it take not long that page get loaded incorrectly, it loads almost fast but with no submit button!

after all I don't think it would be from my side, if you r sure about this please let me know what I have to check to solve this;

I did a ping test for with these results if it help?
ping statistics for
packets sent: 104, Received: 94, Lost: 10 (9% loss),
approximate time in milli-seconds:
minimumK 473ms, Maximum: 651ms, Average: 610ms

and thank for ur fast reply,

07 July 2009, 02:21 AM
Try this:

Go to and under the Miscellaneous Options heading change the Message Editor Interface to "Standard Editor" or "Basic Editor".

See if that loads any quicker.

07 July 2009, 02:22 AM
procedure of error is this way!
it loads the first part of the page really fast, but then it holds that way for a while (sometimes longer, like 40sec or more and sometimes shorter like 10s) then again loads some sect of second part and stop to loading all the rest of page!

most times it loads all thing but submit button! it's most hurting way you know! sometimes I wish if submit button can load just before editing tools the world would be a better place!!

al the way If it was that timing out problem how can I handle it? I'm sure it's the same in other comps here. whats the problem with us? why just CGS goes this way?

it's not just this issue but it's most hurting one when you can't even submit reply; I didn't check nowadays but from a while ago flv files hosted on CGS wasn't playing till end (most play just first few seconds)! and even pictures hosted on cgs servers loaded half way and it was just about pictures on CGS servers not others; It's not that way now about pictures tho but I guess it's same yet by videos! (just guess!) and I'm sure that problem wasn't just by me that time, coz I tsted that in 5 computers/locations at least.

ah, I remember when I was at Allans workshop here, all the classmates have the same problem at streaming video lessons from CGS server too; files moved to somewhere else atlast! but I know it's at worst edge here in my location that no any thing work even sometimes (don't mind about vids, but just submit button!)

And it's not just a part of a day goes this way, when it turns to error period it can take weeks to correct; less or more working but with not correct functionality for weeks;

hope these info helps and sorry for my long post also sorry for you time if it's just by my side at last! :)

EDIT: right now it works really good and fast! I dunno whats wrong, just confused; :argh:

07 July 2009, 02:41 AM
Try this:

Go to and under the Miscellaneous Options heading change the Message Editor Interface to "Standard Editor" or "Basic Editor".

See if that loads any quicker.
it works really fast now dear Khendar and I didn't change anything yet; it loads whole the page fast at once and I have my lovely submit button all the time!! :cool:

btw I will test that option when I encounter the problem again to see if it help, thanks for advise; :)

what can make this problem and how it solves now suddenly? is it from my side? I just did another ping now and the result is alot diffrent! [ 0% loss, 436ms average time in 252 packets] but ping with some other sites I did is the same. I'm really confused by this! :argh:


07 July 2009, 02:56 AM
Because its so intermittent its difficult to diagnose. All I can think of is an issue on your end, or possibly some kind of DNS problem. When it keeps coming and going like this its really hard to figure out.

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07 July 2009, 02:56 AM
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