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07 July 2009, 04:45 AM
Hello Vue users,

Just thought I'd let everyone know about my new groundcover collection (
50 SolidGrowth plants and two quality versions for each, since a 4749 x 1253 size image map would not be needed for ecosystems, and bump depth and highlight amounts tend to need adjusting.
I'm quite happy with the turn out. I've created a couple of renders using just the collection and terrains. I'll be posting more renders after siggraph.

I also created a scale reference chart for all the plants, similar to the scale reference for all the native Vue plants I made. If you are not aware of the vegetation scale reference, it is available for free here ( It can be downloaded as PDF, XLS, and OSD. Working on a scale calculator as well, hopefully with image comparisions.

There is a pdf guide ( containing every plant in the collection, along with important information about each plant.

I used a combination of scanned images and photgraphs to make the vegetation as realistic as possible. I've also started working on some new techniques to better cope with the design of the native solidgrowth plants, since most plants look rather fake with flat leaves, and the geometry can often be erractic. These techniques will become part of Advanced Custom Plant Creation volume 3, probably the next Vue training, while everything is still fresh in my mind. Might change the name though.

I'm currently working a rather large flower collection, I have about 200 or so reference photos to go through. So I am not certain on the release date, and with siggraph coming up, most of my time is being put towards my demonstrations at the e-on booth.

I'll be at the e-on software booth throughout the duration of the conference, so, if you have any questions, feel free to stop by and see me.

Here are a few renders from the ground cover collection. I made them fairly quickly, so they're not amazing, but I think they give a good idea of the collection. There are more renders on the product page (

Cheers all,

Nick Pellegrino (aka asileFX)
President of asileFX LLC
not going to list all job positions, list would be too long :)

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07 July 2009, 04:45 AM
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