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07 July 2009, 04:37 AM
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Here's My entry pic to this challenge. Basically I am an animation student in maya. Just over to complete my course. I am very curois and eager about the online comptitions as it gives much knowledge which institute can never deliver. So. m entrying this competition not only to compete You but also to gain from u guys also.

07 July 2009, 05:25 AM
I hope u all will like it.

Title: Secret Agent “Zubein”

Characters: A main character Zubein, A villain, A lady, An old age man (master) on wheel chair, 4-5 shooters.

Character specifications:

1. Main character: A muscular fatigue, jeans with half sleeve T-shirt, cut sleeve jacket over it, leather shoes, finger cut gloves.

2. Villian: Cunning look, coat-pent, smart shoes, middle aged man, well dressed hair style.

3. Lady : 20-25 aged look, high heels, sexy style, open hair,

4. Old age man: Old age man on wheels, coat-pent, normal looks.

5. Shooters: normal coat-pent look with snipers in their hands.

Story Baseline: Our main character zubein got the call from his master about a character named Zylo. He used to organize different types of races i.e. bike races, car races, water-boat races etc. the main point is that the winners of the races gets lost from the world after the races. What happened to the winners no one knows. According to Zylo he doesn’t know anything about that but the master is 100% sure that it’s a zylo’s cunningness only.

Now for the zubein, he has to get enter into the Zylo’s premises and find out what happened to the winners and what the Zylo did with them.

Main story: Zylo in his room having rest. He got a call from his master about the mission. He got up and in the next scene he is in the racers premises. There’s a car race same day that Zylo organized. He registered himself as a racer. In the race he can win and about to win but he put himself on the second place to find it out what happens to the winner.

Another day Zylo organized a party in his hotel for the winning one. There Zubein is also invited. After some times he found that the Zylo is missing in the party. He is about to find him that on the same moment a lady comes to him and ask him about his ununderstandable behavior. And told him that she is an agent. Zubein also tells her about him. Then that lady takes Zubein and brings him to the basement of the hotel where Zylo’s Cunning planning’s becomes true.

There he found the extra-ordinary cars and bikes standing there. After that he got to the room where he can hear with his gadget the Zylo ordering his shooters to take the winner to that destiny where other drivers got. He tells his master about all. His master orders him to take Zylo alive to him. He is about to catch Zylo he ran away. Zubein ran after him. Zylo takes his fastest car hen zubein takes out him gadget and transform that gadget to the helicopter. He ran after him. In a tunnel Zylo U-turns his car then Zubein has to transform his Helicopter to the bike. Zylo get to the boat and in between the sea. He again transforms his bike in to the water-boat. He caught him after some war. After getting caught Zylo laughs very loudly. Zubein look behind then there is a boat having the lady up there. She puts off her mask. In actual he is actual Zylo who successfully escaped from the Zubein. Now Zubein Stands there seeing him going away and planning his new action.


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