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07 July 2009, 07:17 AM
Hi you all!

I just finished modelling a M4a1, and I want it to texture it, but Im not pretty sure of the workflow here, and neither the tools that I should be using.

Some of the parts that I have on the m4, cannot be subdivided, and that is, from my point of view, a major impediment to texture properly, am I wrong?

heres my model: (

So if you guys can help me with the workflow or suggesting texturing tools, it will be appreciate.



07 July 2009, 04:42 PM
Well my question is why can't you subdivide it? If you are concerned with smoothing you can just turn off "SMT" and your model will retain it's shape.

If you want to continue to sculpt in hi-res details such as the hand grip and such you will need a high res yes. For the diffuse you dont REALLY need high-res geometry but it will look much better with it.

Typically the hard surface details are scuplted with masking out areas and using deformers such as "Inflate" and "Offset." You can load alphas onto brushes and hold CRT to get the masks shapes you need. You will probably need quite a few custom alpahs and the "drag rec" brush setting to get the intracate details.

For the diffuse typically this is what I would do.

-Snap the model in a orthographic view using shift.
-Under the Texture menu create a new texture of the approach size.
-Drop the model into Zmapper with double sided on.
-Take the model into Photoshop with Zapplink (
-Using an image of a M16 overlay it on the model to get the majority of the texture done. Use the normal PS tools to get the texture to line up and such.
-Back in Zbrush I might continue to get those odd angles with Zapplink
-Another tool is using the"3dplane" tool. If you set the to Z intensity to 0 and load a texture and alpha in its basically a texture brush. The RGB intensity then becomes basically the opacity. Mind you this is still in the Zmapper interface.

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07 July 2009, 04:42 PM
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