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07 July 2009, 09:28 AM
Hi to all Animators:).. Well I just wanna ask u something about my first short animated film actually..Well I am learning Animation at my institute and using the tool Maya for it..The course has been based on only character animation but I love to do other animations too..Well I know its hard to start a project at the moment but I am keen to do so, in that way I would learn alot some new techniques as well..Good things is that I can easily use Photoshop, AfterEffects for compositing after completing the animation..As well as I can do work on 3D Max for props and environment creation..I think I am going to model a muscular man for my lead character for the story then will adjust apropriate attire wid that..Well yes animation has that major role in that..So will do that for sure..

I wanna know how can I merge things up as character is going to be made there in Maya, then environment is there on Max and I thing I will be using a Max camera to shoot scene there in Max but then I have to integrate my character whether in Max directly or in AfterEffects by using compositing techniques..But to be honest as I havnt done this thing in past I have my concerns about these techy stuffs..So if anyone know much about it do guide me..

Another concern is of lighting and rendering..Where I will be rendering my final work..I hope in Max where character environment and props will integrate..If yes then the camera of Max and Maya should be integrated correctly isnt it..So what should be the easiest way to do that..Do tell me what should be the lighting setup..I am learning Mental Ray and I hope I would use that but Have learned Vray in the past and can work easily wid that at the moment..I have to individually setup a characters lighting in Maya or I can just integrate a character in Max and Max lighting will also work on the character as well..

And in the last..How much AfterEffects benefit me in this sort of it easy to integrate max and maya stuff here and composite them nicely..

Thanks a million in advance for ur kind help..God bless ya all:)

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07 July 2009, 09:28 AM
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