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07 July 2009, 02:45 PM
Hi everyone here is my lighting demo reel that I recently finished. It was all done with Maya, but I also used Photoshop and Mudbox, and composed it all in Digital Fusion.
The only thing left to be done is animate cameras in Maya and render those out for every piece except the first one.
It would be great if I could get some comments from you guys because I am planing to go looking for job with this one.
Here is link, it's 20mb stream so you with slower connection please be patient :)

HI res Quick time video (720x576) (


07 July 2009, 06:52 PM
Hi Vlada!,

Overall I like your pieces on your reel and the breadth from stylization to realistic.

My comments:

Personally, I would move the alleyway realistic scene to the second spot so that in the first 10-15 sec. a person can see a very stylized piece to a realistic one after the other.

As for a critique for each scene:

Nighttime Gypsy scene: For an illustrated like scene I would make sure I had a primary focus on the image. The green in the curtain leads my eye but so does the back window. I would brighten the interior behind the curtain to show it's dominant and make sure my eye anchors to that area. I would also fix the shadows under the wooden stairs. They seem not to match to the rest of the scene temperature wise. I would also simply them with a shadow casting non-rendering occluder instead of using existing geometry.

Treehouse Scene: I really like the color of the scene. I would emphasize the top window a little more intensity wise. Also, the back trees on the right of the frame seem to be lit from different angles (the left tree has a core light source coming from the right while the the two on the far right seem be on the light head on.)

Igloos: I like your painting and illustration and integration with 3d elements. Not much to say. :)

Alleyway: I feel the buggy is getting lost in the frame, maybe slightly more emphasis? The greenery on the ground to the right seems not grounded in shadow and also sort of geometric in it's placement. I see that you are emphasizing the objects to point to the focus area but some seem a little too obvious (pole on the left wall). Also, the light intensity on the wall seems to blow out and losing more detail in the texture while the window on the ground is not as lit as it would seem to be .

Moonlit Box Room: I feel the color temp of the main light spilling into the room, even though stylized in color, probably could be brought down a notch in saturation. The secondary light source of the moonlight seems pretty weak even if it is secondary and I would like to see more carving out of shadow and more intense on the floor area. Also the corner of the lower right hand box being lit be moonlight is pulling my eye to the area more than the floor would be.

Bedroom: There seems to be an error in the shadow on the upper right above the dresser area that doesn't match the rest of the scene. My preference also is that the wooden floor would have more relfectivity to add more life to the scene. The reflectivity of the bowl on the mantle seems off, it's like it's made of solid glass instead of being hollow, but maybe that's your intention. I would also make the top drawer the same material as the bottom since I don't see that too much in real life.

Hope that helps.


07 July 2009, 12:03 AM
Thanks for comments, I will try to correct those parts. As for the last scene I wanted to replace that one with new work that I am working on.

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07 July 2009, 12:03 AM
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