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07 July 2003, 08:44 PM
Hello! I'm new with maya, how can I set the value of a light or of a shadow in Myay 5.0? I would like to have control on the values, for some lights like "ambient light" I can't even make shadows appear! how can I turn on shadows and change their parameters? Also... I would like to make photorealistic renderings... what do you suggest me for this purpose? thank you! Antonio

07 July 2003, 11:23 PM
Really, the best way to start learning Maya is to go through the basic tutorials in the online help. Maya's help system is the best I've seen from any program.

To learn about lighting, do this:

1. From inside Maya press F1 on the keyboard to bring up the help.

2. Click on "Tutorials"

3. Over in the left frame, click "Instant Maya"

4. Still in the left frame, click "Rendering"

5. Then click "Lesson 3 Lights, Shadows and Cameras"

Then starting with the Introduction, just go through the lighting tutorial and you should learn a lot about Maya's lighting.

As for making things Photorealistic, that just takes time, practise and skill. Photorealism comes from a combination of great models, great shaders and great lighting. There's no real 'trick' to it or anything like that.


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