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07 July 2003, 07:56 PM
Hello all !

Ok, I have read many messages here and at Newtek's forum but no specific answers to these questions. Got my upgrade today. Want to install but uncertain. No LW specific installation documentation found (what to do with new LW CD's, etc ).

I have already LW 7.5c installed. I received NEW LW 7.5 CD's
(Mac/Win) with stamped serial number. I'm sure other users have the same idea (what to do next) but not asking for help.

Do I install the newer version of LW over mine (don't think so) with new serial number or keep what I have ?

As it been determined that the software is " keyed " to LW dongle or is it through a " software " locking scheme ?
Do I just install and follow through the process ?

The new serial number for LW as a purpose
(beside validating purchase for LW8 update) ?

If anyone has gone through these steps, please let me know and for others that have yet to install.
Any additional tips would be most useful !
Thanks for those users that will respond.


07 July 2003, 09:05 PM
So you didnít receive an extra dongle for DFX+, damn !:annoyed:
When and where did you order ?

I guess you just need to change your license.key file, is there a newer license.key file somewhere ?
Before you edit anything, remember to back up your configs or license.key !
You should contact Newtek about that too, I know itís weekend, maybe there is somebody at the Newtek boardÖ

07 July 2003, 09:17 PM
When and where did you order ?

Well, I tried through Newtek almost 2 weeks ago for answers but got NO replies to date. I found DMG Publishing " KeyFrame " site and got it. Excellent customer service.
Not to discredit Newtek, they have been under heavy pressure lately and not getting to all users messages I'm told.

So you didnít receive an extra dongle for DFX+

No dongle ! All new purchases are dongleless !

I guess you just need to change your license.key file, is there a newer license.key file somewhere ?

Well, I dunno if that would help since it means to change an existing LW 7.5c key by another. That's why I need some direction here.

Thanks for the feedback !

07 July 2003, 09:22 PM
Seriously, I think these questions are important enough to call NewTek. Not seriously, then if anything goes wrong, you'll have someone to blame. :p

I wouldn't reinstall. Unless ytou like that sort of thing. Updating the license key might be the best idea. Then everything will match up, and NewTek will have their records updated too.

Give em the call, I think.

07 July 2003, 09:34 PM
I had the same situation as you, except I did not receive another set of LW7.5 CDs. It's my understanding that the dongle-less versions of DFX+ that shipped are tied to the Lightwave dongle (and not the LW license.key file, or anything like that). In my opinion, here's what you should do:

1. Do NOT re-install LW7.5
2. Install DFX+
3. Go to to recieve your DFX+ license key.
4. See if it works

This is what I did and it works. The only difference is that you also received another set of LW CDs, but I can't imagine that it would hurt for you to try the above first, then if it doesn't let you run DFX+, or if you get stopped along the way somewhere (like you can't recieve a key from for some reason), then you will have a better idea what needs to be done.

07 July 2003, 10:07 PM
I got my order a few days ago, but I didnt already own lightwave so I got the $1595 deal from keyframe I recieved both a lightwave and DFX+ box with their own dongles. Even though I have a seperate dongle it should still work the same, after you install DFX,run DFX and if it locates your dongle it will give you your Lock number that you need to register with eyeon.

07 July 2003, 06:54 AM

I am on the same boat as Psyhke: receiving DFX+ bundle without LW 7.5 CD (I already have 7.5 CD and was upgrading for LW 8), and with no DFX+ dongle. Did exactly as what Psyhke described and DFX+ works. I talked to eyeon customer service and they said the "Lightwave serial" shown during the DFX+ installation was the ID from the your Lightwave Dongle, and has nothing to do with your actual lightwave serial number (your original or the upgraded one.) Therefore any re-installation of Lightwave later would not affect your DFX+.

I think the new LW serial would be used later to download LW 8 and/or register for upgrade... Newtek customer service was not very helpful on clarifying this. However, I probably won't worry about it until LW 8 is released later.

Hope this help.

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