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06 June 2009, 11:03 AM
Hi to all of you here
PLEASE people help me, i desperately need help from you guys....i am using 3ds max 9 and i came to a one point where i can go further without someones help. I took the internet just so i can learn how to create realistic rendering of car which i designed(in my country that is not cheep for our standards, i was saving money for 1 year till i could afford it) and when i finally took it i was so disappointed....all the good tutorials are done in V-ray and there's no good tutorial with mental ray:sad:... i tried for months, but i just can figure it out how to set up the studio and create realistic rendering of my cars....and i see on forums that mental ray is much harder to handle than the other rendering engine, and that there is a lot of questions like this one from mental rafile:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Administrator/Desktop/GOGI%20REZANJE/Peugeot%201week%20project/pa%20papappappappappappapppaaa.jpgy users. The picture down represents my best rendering so far:blush: please help me to achieve better results because i can stand it anymore this PLASTIC render:banghead: i am posting here because i see that people here wrealy want to help and most of them are awesome artists...i hope you guys can show me how to achive realism, so i can compete in car design contest the way it shoud;) tnx in advance:)

06 June 2009, 11:12 AM
sorry for that mistake above([img]file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Administrator/Desktop/GOGI%20REZANJE/Peugeot%201week%20project) i don't know where it gone wrong(something when i wanted to upload picture probably)....but this is my first thread, so forgive me:)

06 June 2009, 03:56 PM
Hi, nice start. Judging from the shadow, you use point lights, or photometric point lights. Use area lights to achieve a better modeling reflection of the form and separation of the bodywork from the background. Do you have some knowledge of traditional lighting or composition? If not, pick up some books and study it, because knowing mental ray alone won't guarantee you a good product lighting. The problem is that you must understand not only how to make some changes, but why to make them, this is why you need to study it.
Mental ray is not hard in last versions, just look at help files in additional help, it has very good and easy to understand explanations of shaders. And some gnomon videos are good about the rest, even though they are for maya, they work for max mental ray too.
Some critics: the lighting of the floor and background is too uniform, doesn't help to present the product in a good lighting. The logo seems too randomly placed, definitely not a good idea to place it there. The car merdges with the background, it shouldn't. The bodywork needs some strong contrasty reflection to present the type of material, i.e both bkack and white. For it, make the environment darker where it reflects on the car.
Try to use a big soft toplight and also additional light for the background. Search for some references of how cars are shot.

06 June 2009, 06:44 PM
Alexander you have no idea how much i am grateful to you, cause you trying to help me:)
xe xe when i was reading your reply i just couldn't read me like an open book:) yes it is true i have used photometric point light:) and the thing you wrote about background, floor and logo while i was reading it, i scroll it up to see my picture...i can just say you are completely right:) i will now try with your advice about using area light,darker background and strong contrasty reflection. i will also try to find reference picture and gnomon videos.I hope that videos could help me:) about your question do i now something about traditional lighting or composition. i now that in 3D composition is when you render your work with ambient occlusion and then you compose that render with original render with shaders in photoshop. correct me if i am wrong. and if you mean by traditional lighting knowing basics i now what is density and other parameter, xe xe but i think you haven't mean that, forgive me if i am wrong:) once again honestly thank you:)

06 June 2009, 11:28 PM
Traditional lighting is what was before cg, and about the principles how to light reflective things, how to light matte, how to light people and many other subjects. Composition is about how to align lines, objects and so on.

Look at youtube for some clues

There are some great books about this

06 June 2009, 09:31 PM
Alexander thank you a lot for the links you have gave me. The one with camera is great, so simple but so good, and i seen those gnomon tutorials what you said(i think you probably mean about the video with eye, its very good but mental ray in maya has a lot different names for the same settings which are in max MR, and i think that max MR even doesn't have something what maya have in her MR):) for the past 2 days i was playing a little bit with the settings in my own max:wip::) i totally change my studio, by that i mean no more logo of peugeot and sharp corners. i taken your advice about using area shadows(with settings i had some SMALL problems....5,6 hours figuring out how to create soft shadows, till i find what was problem... just 1 simple click on 1 simple button:banghead::)) but now i can see what is my main problem: i simple dont know how to setup my settings in MR, what are the best, i dont know how to create nice car material and i dont know which simple button should i chek or uncheck:banghead: once again i bumped on some forum where some guy traing to create the same as i,he used V-ray and his scene was so simple and he get so good results...but any way i want to ask which light is better to use , photometric area or standard area? this is my progres for now, and if someone knows how to improve this please write:)

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