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07 July 2003, 11:45 AM
I thought i'd show you this quick sample of a new plugin for lightwave that we are developing. It's a visual expression language for layout.

You can see a very basic demo here: (1.4meg)

The plugin will be available for both intel and mac platforms. I'll post more details soon.

07 July 2003, 12:16 PM
looks cool

07 July 2003, 12:22 PM
Wow looks great. BTW, how come the window isnt resizable? Also can you wrap groups of nodes into a routine which can then link to other nodes/routines?

07 July 2003, 12:27 PM
Yes you can create your own elements which are saved in a user-definied library. You can then use these user create elements in your expressions.

We are trying to get the window resizable at the moment.

07 July 2003, 01:37 PM

Looks like a very very useful piece of kit. :)


07 July 2003, 01:55 PM

looks good. it looks like xpresseo in cinema4d ? but what about the handling. in c4d its awful !


07 July 2003, 02:25 PM
Can't wait to see more on that. looks great

07 July 2003, 02:30 PM
I'll try to get a better demo movie posted tonight.

07 July 2003, 02:31 PM
Not necessarily. Espresso in Cinema is drag and drop. You can also mix objects and properties, with nice nodes for translating from one type to another. Not automagically as in XSI but good stuff anyway. :)

I hope this new tool also links to onscreen sliders.

Mike Pauza
07 July 2003, 02:46 PM
Hey DarkLight!

A visual expressions thats really interesting. Forgive the dumb question, but can it be used to control motion in a "piecewise manner"? I mean can you assign one motion up to a certain time, then another motion equation for another time interval, and so on? Would the clamp function let you do that?

-Mike Pauza

07 July 2003, 03:40 PM
Hi Mike,

It is possible to do this. We have an "if" condition just for events like this :)

07 July 2003, 03:57 PM
Just to let you know, i've updated the link to the movie in the first post. It is now much better quality and smaller size.

07 July 2003, 04:28 PM
I Love the visual setup approach. Its kinda like my new fav toy WorldMachine. If you get a chance take alook at it at
I like its ability for multi channel connections and can see the use for it with the conditional operators but you probably have already figured this out.
Do you have development timeline for it!

07 July 2003, 04:37 PM
We don't have a fixed time for release on this yet, we're still very much in beta with this at the moment.

We're hoping to have a release sometime in the next few weeks

07 July 2003, 05:04 PM
Few weeks!?! I was expecting few months! Now I'm really psyched. I just started getting serious about using expression this past week. Strange after all these years using LW and being a program I never really used expressions beyond just matching movements between camera/lights and objects. How pityfull is that? This just makes it even sweeter yet. Can't wait, please keep us updated.

Mike Pauza
07 July 2003, 05:13 PM
DarkLight...Just PMed ya.

07 July 2003, 05:29 PM
Looks like Kaydara's Motion Builders expression system for relations. Very cool.

07 July 2003, 05:37 PM
This looks very promising. :drool:
Please keep us posted.

Any price announcement soon?


Steve Warner
07 July 2003, 06:15 PM
Oh, YEAH! Now that's just fantastic! Help for the mathematically challenged amongst us. :)

Thanks, DarkLight!

07 July 2003, 06:46 PM
Math??? whats that? :surprised i need this plugin :cry:

07 July 2003, 06:49 PM
looks sweet!

Would be great if Newtek incorporated Amleto and this new visual expression language in some future LW8 point release!

Mike Pauza
07 July 2003, 07:43 PM
I agree...Visual Expressions in LW8 would be sweet!


07 July 2003, 01:42 AM
well this looks cool, but i c that this is applied as a motion modifier. I assume it doesn't have access to things like morph channels, lights and camera envelopes, etc. Hope I am wrong.

07 July 2003, 01:47 AM
id say it will be about as powerfull as adding an expression modifier

07 July 2003, 07:21 AM
To be or not to be.....

Lets see version 1 first...

07 July 2003, 08:50 AM
Originally posted by toonshady
well this looks cool, but i c that this is applied as a motion modifier. I assume it doesn't have access to things like morph channels, lights and camera envelopes, etc. Hope I am wrong.

You can actually apply it to motion, channels and textures

07 July 2003, 01:17 PM
I have never used expressions, (terrible hey?) this would be a great tool to have..
I hope NT sees it.

Jimzip :D

07 July 2003, 03:04 PM
hey darklight - that looks very cool!

I've always thought expressions needed to go that bit further, now you've gone and sorted it! excellent!

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