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06 June 2009, 08:38 AM
3d-Palace Hosts 5th Amsterdam 2 Day Seminar for 3ds Max Hard Surface skills.

3d-Palace ( ( will be hosting a 2 day event in the Netherlands again this year to teach Hard Surface skills in modeling, animation and effects in the beautiful city of Amsterdam to ten students this year. The theme this time around is “Racing Particles” and the class will be taught by Cris Robson, senior tutor at 3d-palace and recognized expert on teaching of hard surface skills.

The class, which costs 200 Euros, will require students to provide their own laptop in order to reduce costs and will be running from 10am to 5pm on the days of Thursday the 23rd of July and Friday the 24th of July 2009 from the American Book Center teaching rooms in central Amsterdam. During the two day event, students will be taught a variety of methods of hard surface modelling for detailing, approaches to primary and secondary methods of animation and particle driven effects simulations;

Day 1;

Learning about hard surface modelling with a focus on creation of high detail pieces. We will cover using scripts to place detail as well as boolean methods of detail.

Following the initial information and lessons the class will create a high detail racing vehicle during the remainder of day one either by following along with the tutor or taking his ideas and extrapolating on them. The piece created will be detailed and then optimized.

Day 2;

Animation, animation methods for features such as rudder systems and other important aspects will be discussed and demonstrated.

Track - a track will be created using various methods to show how to rapidly develop environments.
Texturing - using a mixture of procedural and photoshop, textures are applied to the created track and ship.

Particles - An introduction to Particle Flow followed by a hands on follow along exercise in which we create an array of racing ships that race around the track that we have created with a randomly calculated winner.

Seminar Timetable

10:00am start
12:30pm Lunch
13:30pm Afternoon session
17:00pm End for the day


Will I need the software?

We will be using 3ds Max 2010 so if you do not have the software it can be provided for the duration of the two day event.

Where do I stay? Is it Expensive?Not at all - go to ( and pick out something. I usually stay near the station where accomodation tends to be cheap. Do not look for hotels that are luxury high class venues unless you are prepared to pay a lot extra for everything - most decent hotels will have a shower or bath, a decent breakfast and clean sheets. Be aware that the stairs in the hotels in the Netherlands are always pretty steep compared to what you may be used to so remember to take care.

Are there Any Reviews?

Review from Richard Ellis (London, attended 2007);

“Special mention must go firstly to the friendly atmosphere created by all the people involved on the course. Everyone was tiptop, and when that happens, it makes the whole thing so much more enjoyable.

Day 1 was spent building the spider – I used subdivisions for the first time, not even knowing they existed before the seminar. Apart from the sub D’s, there was plenty of good, fast modelling techniques, it was nice to have the added pressure of ‘keeping up’ with the class, meaning that for the first time ever I managed to construct a pretty damn good model in less than a day.

The morning of day two was spent rigging the arachnid we constructed the day before and I was in unchartered territory, but we are now all the proud owners of a fully animatable eight-legged horror.

The rest of day two, after a lighting tour of a Dutch shopping centre for munchies, was spent looking at particle systems, and what an interesting look it was too. From building complex, random-floored tower blocks to making a fleet of space ships home in on a larger mother ship, you will be surprised at just a few of the things you can do with particles that you never bothered to imagine was possible.

I’ll take this opportunity to thank Cris for all the obvious hard work, planning, drinking and good company he put into the whole trip, and would not hesitate to recommend the next seminar to anyone who is remotely interested in 3D and having a good time in the evenings.”

Review from Kane (Stafford, Attended 2008,2009);

“Maxterdam above all is fun - trust me, if it wasn't I wouldn't be attending. Its very nice to learn 3DStudio Max with an experienced instructor, its another to learn it in Amsterdam with Cris Robson.

From an academic perspective Cris provides a 2 day masterclass approachable by anyone who has a basic knowledge of 3DStudio Max. An understanding of Tools, Technique, Tip and Tricks will all be gained from attending, something that I found invaluable against my 3d design degree where set subject matter is taught and cool time saving tricks don't seem to get covered. From a why am I flying to Amsterdam to learn perspective, this is the reason. Amsterdam is awesome. Cris also acts as a source of knowledge on the local area similar to a voluntary tour guide. With the inclusion of invitation to Maxterdam's patented "Party Hearty", Maxterdam is one lecture you wish you never skipped.”

Where is the Venue?

The ABC Treehouse is located in the bustling center of Amsterdam on the Voetboogstraat, a small street that lies in between the Kalverstraat, Heiligeweg and the Spui Square. If you are planning to drive to Amsterdam, all roads to the center will get you to us.

To find out more :
To buy your ticket :

email if you need more details.

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