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06 June 2009, 09:47 AM
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06 June 2009, 11:38 AM
Hi guys

here's our team

Haseeb; lalamax3d (
Nabeel; ahnab
Yahya' yahyaehsan (
Started to design some character.

06 June 2009, 12:05 PM (

Story line

06 June 2009, 12:20 PM
Hi guys! I'm currently working on this really excellent movie with these really excellent guys!

Ok, enough buttering, here's the script that we've kinda locked down (pending the animatics n stuff).

C&C welcome! :)


Want to Save the World?


M: James' superior and the overall head of MI-8

James: The top agent of MI-8, wants to go on a well-deserved vacation

Awesome Man: Applicant. Based on Superman

Dr. Prune Tanner: Applicant. Based on Bruce Banner/The Hulk

Indie: Applicant. Based on an extremely old Indiana Jones

Pacman: Applicant. The actual Pacman

Osman. Applicant. Based on a Taliban suicide bomber

Janitor: The old janitor at the office

Establishing shot of Big Ben in the background and the river Thames in the foreground.

We cut to the interior of M's office where M and James are having a heated argument.

James: "I deserve a vacation!"

M: "Stop whining like a child James! You know as well as I that in the current situation, it's just impossible!"

James: "I don't care! Look, I've been saving the world and beating up bad guys for almost half a bloody century! God knows I de..."

M: "And who do you propose I sent in your stead on this mission?"

James: "I don't know...get ANYBODY! How about 005? He's quite a..."

M: "Out of action. He broke his leg while undercover as a ballerina."

We show a flashback of Agent 005 performing as a female ballerina, falls and breaks his leg.

James: "A ballerina? Sheesh! Ok, how about 006?"

M: "Out of commission. He was eaten alive by piranhas while trying to stop Dr. Broom's plot to take over the world."

We show a flashback where Agent 006 is thrown into a tank and eaten by piranhas.

James: "Ugh!"

M: "And you know what happened to 008."

James: "Yes, yes, I know. His fault really. I mean, who in his right mind fights off a shark with a taser?"

We show a flashback of Agent 008 as he gets electrocuted as soon as he uses a taser to ward off a shark in the sea.

James: "What about 009? I always did think he had the potential to become a good agent."

M: "Out of employment. The global recession has forced us to terminate quite a bit of our staff."

James: "Damnit!"

M: "Look James, I'm out of agents. You're the only one I'm left with, plain and simple."

James: "Alright, how about we get somebody else?"

M: "What, like put out an ad in the newspaper for spy applicants?"

James: "Well why not? It's not like we'll get flooded by a bunch of idiots!"

Fade to black.

Fade in from black.

We're in M's office. M and James are sitting on one side of the desk with the first applicant in front of them (Awesome Man).

M: "So, I see you already have a codename. Awesome Man, is it?"

Awesome Man: "Yeah, I kinda, y'know, thought it was appropriate, considering I'm, y'know, just awesome!"

James: "Uh huh. So what makes you think you'd make a good secret agent?"

Awesome Man: "Well, for starters, I can see through anything!"

James: "Oh really? Then what's the color of my underwear?"

Awesome Man (suggestively): "White with pink polka dots...big boy!"

James: "Errr....thank you! We'll be in touch!"

Fade to black.

Fade in from black.

We're in M's office. M and James are sitting on one side of the desk with the second applicant in front of them (Indie).

James: "I know we fought on the same side against the Reds, but seriously, don't you think you're a bit too old for this, Indie?"

Indie: "Old? I'll show you old!"

Indie struggles to get up from his wheelchair and slowly pulls out his whip.

Indie: "Old he says! I could take on an entire Soviet regiment in my day!"

Indie tries his whip, loses balance and falls flat on his face.

James presses the intercom button.

James: "Next!"

Fade to black.

Fade in from black.

We're in M's office. M and James are sitting on one side of the desk with the third applicant in front of them (Pacman).

James: "No, no and no! Are you serious? I mean, how in God's name will you infiltrate a mad scientist's lair? By disguising yourself as a giant M&M!? Get out!"

Fade to black.

Fade in from black.

We're in M's office. M and James are sitting on one side of the desk with the fourth applicant in front of them (Dr. Prune Tanner).

M: "Well Doctor, I can see you're quite qualified. Master's degrees in microbiology and chemical radiation..."

James: "And a Ph. D. in laboratory accidents! Outstanding! So tell us, what would qualify you as a great spy?"

Dr. Tanner: "Well, I have an ability that makes me kinda invulnerable."

James: " I see. Care to demonstrate that ability?"

Dr. Tanner: "Well, I can't"

James: "What do you mean you can't?"

Dr. Tanner: "I can't because in order to use that ability, I have to get mad. And I mean, REALLY mad! Besides, this ability tends to be a bit...unpredictable."

James: "Oh c'mon! Quit fanning about like a little school girl! Show us what you got!"

Dr. Tanner: "Don't call me a school girl!"

James: "Or what? You'll go home and cry to mommy? Waaah waaah waaah!"

Dr. Tanner (slowly turning green): " Stop it! You're making me angry. And you won't like me when I'm angry!"

James: "Oh please! What's a puny geek like you going to do? Hit me with your diaper?"

Dr. Tanner transforms into the Hulk and starts to move threateningly towards the desk.

M: "Errr...James."

James (not having seen the Hulk and starts pressing the intercom): "Next, please. Next!"


M: "James!"

James: "What is it, M? Oh my..."

Fade to black.

Fade in from black.

We're in M's office, which has been torn apart by the Hulk. M and James are sitting on one side of the destroyed desk with the fifth applicant in front of them (Osman).

James: "You look quite familiar."

Osman gives them an evil grin.

James: "I'm sure I've seen you some place before. The turban, the beard, the mad look in your eyes....I'm certain I've seen you before."

Osman: "Now you will burn! Behold!"

Osman pulls open his coat to reveal the explosives he's taped to his body.

M: "Good God, James! Do something!"

James: "Aaah yes, now I remember where I know you from!"

Osman pulls out the detonator.


James: "You're the nutjob who trie....oh no. Please don't!"

Osman presses the detonator button.

We cut to a peaceful exterior shot. A bird is sitting on a branch chirping and singing in the foreground, and the MI-8 office building is in the background. Suddenly an explosion erupts from the MI-8 office, and the bird gasps with surprise.

We're in M's office, which has been destroyed by Osman. M and James are sitting on one side of the destroyed desk.

James: "That's IT! I'm bloody through with this mess! I don't care about mad scientists, megalomaniacs trying to take over the world, or girls on the beach! I'M GOING!"

James storms out of the destroyed office.

Janitor: "Errr....begging your pardon Ma'am, but should I sweep up after you've left?"

We cut to a long shot of M's destroyed office, with a distraught and disheveled M sitting in her chair, and bits and pieces of the office falling around her.

The End!

06 June 2009, 01:18 PM
Hey guys. Welcome to the challenge!

Are you mixing live action? Theres a massive amount of dialog here for animation! It'll be interesting to see how you guys pull it off!
Looking forward to this tho. The editing is going to be fun for you guys. :D

06 June 2009, 03:27 AM
The entire film is going to be animation, no live action whatsoever. So yeah, we're gonna have a BALL doing all the dialog! Hehe! :p

We're currently working on the concept art as well as a rough tumbnailed storyboard to set an animatic. LOTS of work left to do!

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