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07 July 2003, 09:11 PM
Ok, this issue seems to be discussed alot, but still somewhat unclear. So here is my situation and how I need to use Lightwave 7.5c and Motion Builder 4.03.
I have a scene in a church, with @24 characters in the scene. There will only be @5 characters with animation that needs to be created for them in Motion Builder 4.03. They are:

1. The preacher up front giving a sermon

2. A father and son walking into the church during the sermon.

3. A mother correcting her two (twin) sons.

4. The son in #2 saying/waving hi to his best friend.

Scene #2
A scene on the soccer field

1. six kids each on 2 teams and a ref for the game.

Now, I have the scene all laid out and ready to go, what is the best way to do this, so that if I have to export and import back and forth a few times, that I will not have to run into problems?
I understand that there are several ways of doing this but what is the best for a workflow such as this. I would love to do all the animation in Motion Builder and then send it over to Lightwave. But again once that is done I want to also be able to go back into Motion Builder and make any needed chages.

Dale L. Campbell Jr
Positive Productions Plus!

07 July 2003, 11:10 AM
Testing, testing, testing... design a pipeline that works for you. (I haven't tested multiple characters out either)

- First try naming your characters with a different name for the reference node.
- Try naming your bones with a unique prefix (Preacher_Hips, Preacher_LeftUpLeg, etc.) You'll have to manually characterize them.

I would suggest creating independent actor FBX files so you can import/animate only what you need.

Then let us all know what your results are :)

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