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07 July 2003, 02:24 PM
hi im new and i need help. im working on a short movie. do ANY of you know what Godzilla is? or king ghidora? people from toho would be great.

07 July 2003, 02:27 PM
wait hold on i want to get something strait. i have to pay people? im only 11! so if any out there will work for free it would be nice

07 July 2003, 06:22 PM
ah, the events surrounding Godzilla are truly was a giant dinosaur like creature that terrorized Japan in the 60's, then it re-appeared in the mid 90's and attacked New York...not many ppl will talk about it because it was such a traumatizing period for the human race...i'd be careful if you're thinking about making a short film based on the events that occured during Godzillas reign of terror, people have tried before but none have truly captured the horror, oh, the horror, of what transpired....and it may alert certain worldwide secret service ops to you and your work, such a dangerous subject...and the people of Tokyo and New York won't thank you...many people there are still undergoing therapy...the psychological scars run very, very deep..... :cry: :cry: :cry:

07 July 2003, 09:19 PM
will you do it? and the one that attacked new york is not godzilla he is G.I.N.O(Godzilla in name only).

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