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07 July 2003, 10:50 AM
A different kind of rig :)

I got a car that I am rigging right now.
I put the wheels on seperate layers.
The two front wheels have the own rotation point(nulls), and both follow(er) the rotation of the steer. So far so good.
The rear wheels share one null, and both front- and rearwheels are attached(parented) to the chassis( also a null).
This works too.
Then ,all parts of the car that is part of the upperbody, are parented to one null, called carbody.
And this carbody follows(follower) the chassisnull.
This works perfect in cases where the chassis is in control.
But it doesn't work when you want to have the carbody stay level and the wheels move. Like riding on a bad terrain or small obstacles. When the shockabsorbers do all the work. That is what I dont get to work.
Anyone have any tips or a tutorial ?
Thanks in advance.

07 July 2003, 09:26 PM
for riggin a car, i might use some bones,

here is an idea,
parts of the car:
2 front weels 2null(for ik), 1 front rotation null
2 back weels 2 null(for ik), 1 back rotation null
1 master null

set the weels parent to their respective null,
and set the nulls to follow their master weel null, this will control the rotation.
the master null will move the car, and the car, has to be set as goal for a ik chain with the weels. with this use the master null to move the car in x,z, and the car, to jump in Y for some ruff terrain

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