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05 May 2002, 09:06 PM
I'm Cetin, a high school last-year student from Edirne(northwesternmost of Turkey). Having been using computers since Commodore 64 days, I'm the man herearound when it's about computers. So has the case been with class re-union pages. Now, I'm supposed to set-up a site. And I want to give it a cool&simple look. For these pages, I want to get some renderings to rush back the memories of old school days.

I'm trying to replicate a real-life picture from Apple iCards. [here] (

I modelled the cap with primitives, and splines.

so what!???
I want to get reply on the overall look of the cap, and suggestions to improve the texturing. (I used procedurals and procedurals only). I'm using 3ds max 4.2.6 and want to learn how I should set the material settings for a fabric look.

I'll be waiting. :wavey:

here is the cap I work on
[cap] (

05 May 2002, 09:36 PM
links above may not work, my foolth :D
if this happens, click here (

05 May 2002, 02:14 PM
Okay, well first things first - your hat is too perfect. Dead giveaway that it's cg :shame:
If you look carefully at your reference - check out the edges of the cap - they are kinda...ummmm... puffy. And the corners aren't perfect in the real life one either. I'm not sure if a bump map will do this sufficiently, so the bad news is.... you might have to do a little extra modelling :cry: Or maybe a good displacement map...
As for the actual texturing, well the hat itself looks fine so far. That velvet shader (or whatever you've used to get that velvety look) is working rather nicely, so don't worry too much about that. I think something that doesn't look too right is the little 2002 thingy - is it supposed to be metal? Because there is something about it that makes it soft. Not metallic. It's almost as if it looks kinda velvety too... You might want to try making it a little more reflective, and also stronger specs - try using a bloom effect (you will need a renderer like Brazil, VRay, Entropy or Final Render for that though) - that should do the trick ;)
Ummmm that knot at the end of the string (before the pendant) looks a bit suspicious :curious: . You should fix that up to look more like a bunch of strings, because at the moment it looks a wee bit too much like an elongated sphere with a bump map on it... Also that yellow is a tad eye hurting. Tone down the yellow a bit. What might look kinda cool is if you stick a gradient into it's colour map that uses a light incidence angle, so that it looks yellow from some angles but also has a slight hint of gold where the light catches it :cool:
Hope this helps a bit :) Post an update soon! Sorry I didn't reply sooner, I did mean to but I was a bit busy :p

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