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06 June 2009, 03:52 PM
Using PS CS3 on XP 64 bit, has Anyone come across the following 2 problems before:

1: When doing a free transform, the result has additional vertical coloured lines like a bar code, here and there all over the layer. The problem occurs more often when the PS project is big (3K plus) or when I have other programs on at the same time i.e. Premiere or AE.

2: Whilst working on a 4K plus image, If I make a selection on an empty layer and fill it with a solid colour and then zoom in past 100% I start to see pixels here and there (and groups or lines of pixels) which have not been filled at all.

I'm certain these two problems are related and my first guess was RAM problems. I have 4x1GB and I systematically tried every RAM stick solo in DIMM slot A1 and then repeated for other slots and have experience the same problem with each test (although problems don't always occur straight away).

I have also updated Adobe PS which did not solve anything.

I've only just started with XP 64bit A few weeks ago.
I was using XP 32 bit with all the same Adobe software and exactly the same Hardware config for over a year and never had any of these problems (Back then I used the 3GB switch, so only one of my RAM sticks was unused).

If anyone has experienced similar CS3 issues in XP 64 bit or might have any other ideas about what's wrong please share!!!

Many thanks for reading all that and for any help!!

06 June 2009, 09:03 AM
ive had problems with cs3 and xp64. layer thumbnails displaying the wrong image, canvas corruption when panning or using a brush.
turned out there was a problem with the 64bit ati graphics drivers, i tried different versions but just got different problems, so i got IT to swap the ati card for an old quadro and now everthings fine (albeit a bit slower).

i'd check for new graphics drivers if i were u.

06 June 2009, 09:48 AM
cadmonkey33: Thanks for your comments. I actually tried swapping my Geforce 7800GT graphics card out with another identical one (just different manufacturer). All the problems I'd been having went away and were replaced with the canvas corruption you were talking about. I got a load of coloured bar codes appearing all over the place I painted with a brush.

I'm using the latest Nvidia drivers for my card but I will check again to see if there's an alternative.

Many thanks for your help

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06 June 2009, 09:48 AM
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