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06 June 2009, 08:11 AM
hello everyone ^_^
well after i have learned how to draw i think ive come to a point where i want some more crtis on the studies\works im doing for better improvment so ive decided to...

open a sketch book thread ^(^_^)^?!

well ill post some of my digital sketches and unfinished works i have so far and some of my traditional art sketches (which ive started drawing traditionally 2 months ago and up until then didnt know anything about it ~_~)

**my goal is to become a concept artist but im not sure if i started drawing too late to become one or if im good enough (or has a slight potential of being good at it) so i want you to crit me harshly on every little mistake you can see (and i promise you wont have a hard time finding ones ^_^) so i could become better and fassst and would like to hear some advices too if you will be kind enough to share some o^_^o

so here are some of my stuff:
digital art:
a pic of a cat i drew in 1024x768 res and on one layer out of a refrence and dedicated it to a friend of mine .

my *UNFINISHED* entry for mount and rider mini challenge at cghub ,i made an icecream ball riding on hes fierce waffle beast and is the head of an evil orginization called ICE CREAM: ICE Cold Really Evill Anti-happiness Maniacs.learned ALOT from this one and this one is the FIRST piece after i learned how to smooth tones in photoshop. (
process gif (
close up 1
close up 2

i have alot of digital art (unfinished one ~_~) but ill post it gradually as well as the traditional art :D

traditional art:
my early sketches (lool from a month and a half ago )
first sketch in my sketch book:(out of refrence)

secon one :(out of refrence but i changed ALOT of things fomr the original) and on the side a marker painting of it

third sketch (first in the eagle study series)

06 June 2009, 08:17 AM
fourth sketch (*out of refrence ,here ive started discovering the option of smoothing my pencill srokes ~_~)

and a marker and coloured pencilles version (yeah discovered the combination of markers + colourd pencils too :D)

fifth sketch:(*out of refrence ) my first white object and here ive found a use of adding background into my works for better realisem and giving some depth and atmosphere to my studies.

well thats it for now (i have more sketches but i need to upload those to the comp ^_^

06 June 2009, 09:23 AM
well a small update with an initial design i try to come up with to a pic about two dolls in a future doll factory who malfunction and try to escape out of it .
this is the initial design of the "evil genious doll"

and this is the *unfinished* entry to the conceptart weekly creature of the week event which its subject was a creature made out of shadow and fire (think the balrog of lord of the rings but we needed to do something which isnt inspired by the balrog ^_^)

a process gif

now ill try working on the dolls concept more cuz i threw down a few ideas but i want to participate in the robots vs zombies event in cg hub T_T

too many events with so little time T_T

ill post some quick sketches for the zombies challenge soon ^_^ as well as some progress with the pencills sketches :D

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06 June 2009, 09:23 AM
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