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07 July 2003, 07:51 PM
(it was started in Feb. so you might have heard about it already)

Well there is a lawsuit now against movie theatres that keep showing more and more commercials, and hence delaying the start time of the movie.

I agree with this 100%. I actually wish the movie would start exactly at the time they said it would, and not just merely start the plugs. It encourages people to not be puncuate.

07 July 2003, 08:21 PM
I don't mind the trailers, the part that bugs me is car commercials and coke comercials. They can show those (along with the lame movie trivia crap they always show) before the start time of the movie.

The reason movie theatres need to show ads is so they can stay in business. They make almost nothing off of ticket sales, their income is from drinks/popcorn and advertising. I would not like to see my local movie theaters go out of business because some people are too impatient to sit through a few minutes of ads and trailers before the movie starts.

07 July 2003, 08:27 PM
I dont care about the ads right now either.

If they started showing them in between the movie then I'd care, until then, whatever.

07 July 2003, 08:43 PM
There is a theater near me that I somtimes go to that shows the car comercials and music videos and coke/pepsi ads, but they show them before the start time of the movie. When you walk in it is already playing. I forget what it's called, but the theater is an Edwards Cinema (owned by Regal). It's actually only annoying because people have to talk over the comercials so it gets pretty loud before the previews start. Sometimes they show funny shorts though, so it can be cool. There was a Scrubs short that was funny.

Doesn anyone else think this is a bit frivolous? I wish people would sue to bring down the gas price in California, or get the money back from the oil companies that basicly gouged us during GWII.

*edit: lol I just looked at that website and they talk about Regal Theaters. Well I guess every movie I ever watched never really started on time It doesn't bother me that much though. I just get concerned that there are probably more important things to worry about. just my opinion...

07 July 2003, 09:00 PM
It doesn't really bother that much. It's probably the best solution to keep the price of admission to the movies that low.
I honestly rather watch 15min of commercials then pay 20$ for a movie that might not be that good. If you mind about the commercials go buy yourself a soda while they're playing. :)

07 July 2003, 09:07 PM
It's not always bad, but it depends on the theatre. Maybe you guys have been lucky, but i remember going to see Matrix Reloaded which was supposed to start at 11:00 (so that means get there at 10:30) and there were so many commercials the movie didn't even start until like 15-20 mins after 11:00.

Just play the commercials as long as you want BEFORE teh start time. If the ticket says 11:00 then start the movie at 11:00. There are times when you want to plan on doing stuff afterwards or if you need someoen to pick you up and this throws things off.

07 July 2003, 10:02 PM
"Stop the madness! Start the movie!"


07 July 2003, 11:29 PM
Hmmm, well to me 15 to 20 min is normal. But it has other advantages. Since I always get early I can get the seat I like while a lot of people are stumbling with their snacks in the dark because they arrive at the last min.

I agree I rather watch 20 min. of commercials than pay more for movies. Besides it's only half commercials, I actually enjoy watching the trailers.

07 July 2003, 11:37 PM
They are annoying. Where I'm located I wait until the theater crowd thins out, usually after the second week and attend matinees and show up 10 minutes late.
No problem with getting the seating I like and the price is better of course.

07 July 2003, 11:52 PM
All the ads should be CGI 3D animation!!! Then I don't think we would be complaining...;) I certainly wouldn't be.

(And it would possibly create a bigger CGI job market)

07 July 2003, 12:01 AM
I hate the commercials, and usually enjoy the previews, but all the extra stuff worked in my favour when I went to see T3: my friend and I decided @ 9:30 p.m. to see a 9:50 show which we knew we couldn't make. We factored in about 20 mins of commercials and previews, and went anyway. We sat down in the theatre about 30 seconds before T3 started. Worked out perfectly!!

07 July 2003, 12:20 AM
Ads bug me, but I can see the necessity. Now if only they could replace those ads with more movie trailers! I love trailers. I could watch a whole movie of just trailers.:D

Incidently, why are they called trailers if they are shown at the start of a movie? (I know the answer, i'm just being facetious):p

07 July 2003, 12:32 AM
i don't mind the commercials, though sometimes i wish they would be over sooner. what i do mind is that this guy sueing isn't interested in some consumer rights, or changeing the situation... only in making a quick buck for doing no work.

07 July 2003, 12:40 AM
Actually the ads for Coke and other promotions before the movie help to keep movie theatres in business. Which is good, cause if theatres can't keep their bills paid, we'd have to wait for everything on DVD.

07 July 2003, 01:06 AM
No one is saying to NOT show ads, just time your ads so the movie starts on time!
People are still gonna get there early and watch the ads, b/c they want their good seats.

07 July 2003, 02:21 AM
From what I know from working in a cinema chain, the Theatre actually gets sweet frel all from the Ticket sales. So has to make money from Candy Bar and Ad space.

Less ads, sure, as long as they can charge more for the ad space. And then charge you an extra seating expense ontop of regular ticket subsidies. Personally I think ticket prices are far above inflation expectations already.

Here in Australia nearly all but the oldest cinemas in Metro areas have luxury seats, digital surround and ultra wide screens. Some of those upgrades put the theatre into debt for years. Hence showing 3 more slides, then 2 more 30 second ads then usual, is a small price to pay for comfort. Ads only run for 6 minutes here (including the slides), its the trailers that take the longest. (15 minutes is about the longest acceptable ad space here in OZ - I believe there are actually laws governing that here.)

And you'd be surprised how many people need the ads so they have extra time to get seated and get there s**t together.

07 July 2003, 04:53 AM
Good point. How many times have you heard someone say "We're only missing the ads..." when you're running late for a movie? It's just like the ads on TV are made for toilet breaks.:D

07 July 2003, 07:50 AM

07 July 2003, 07:59 AM
I stopped going to the theatre for just this reason.

I use the money I save to buy DVDs.

07 July 2003, 09:07 AM
i agree with neil. Start a movie on the exact time. Show adds before that.

:beer: solid snakes rule the planet!

07 July 2003, 07:32 PM
OK, in a lot of places, mostly places with big multiplexes and low population, or places with dense population and astronomical real-estate prices, they are literally delaying the PREVIEWS by 20 minutes to show you the advertisements. THat is on top of running a continuous 10-20 minute ad loop in between shows.

It is REALLY annoying. The net result is that if you show up 15 minutes early for a movie, you wind up waiting 35-45 minutes for the movie to start. It also means less showings of a movie in a day.

Now I don't really blame the movie theaters all that much, because theya re ina abd situation. Way back after star-wars made people rethink the idea of a blockbuster, hollywood started front loading films. Normally, a movie theater makes money from two things: concessions, and box office sharing. Box office sharing
normally starts after 10 days. (which is why theater coupons say not valid first 10 days of engagement. They can't discount their take if they aren't taking anything.) The movie theater response to this was to start with the multiplexes in the 80s. The theory being that half the theater would be front-loaded new releases, and the other half could be less popular longer running flicks, or new releases with some staying power. This would have given them actual box office revenue. However, all they got was more front-loaded movies coming in the door.

front-loading is where the movie is hyped far too much and released on a bunch of screens so that it can get most of it's earning done in the first 2 weekends of it's engagement (i.e 10 days).

Now the theaters are also getting hurt by the fact that the DVD release date is sometimes 3 months or less for a movie, limiting the viability of second run theaters (which for a brief period were what a lot of theaters were turning into, or what megaplexes filled a third or a half of their screens with in the markets described at the beginning.).

heck, one theater by me got so strapped that on weeknights, they would have one concession worker, and one ticket seller, and really didn't care if you just walked in and went into a theater. THey cared even less if you walked in without buying a ticket, but bought concessions before going into the theater.

07 July 2003, 09:02 PM
This is one of the reasons I usually bring a book or magazine to the theatre if going alone.

The thing that really bothers me was the studio manipulation of what is shown where. Where I used to live, there were 3 complexes: 2 regular multiplexes and one inside a Mall, which became crappy. A few years ago I was hoping they would show the latest Star Trek movie in one of the good multiplexes, but because it was shown at the Mall, the other multiplex didn't show it. Had to drive all the way out to findy a good theatre to see it. I hate this market partitioning, let the multiplexes compete on their merits and service.

07 July 2003, 09:24 PM
Originally posted by malducin
This is one of the reasons I usually bring a book or magazine to the theatre if going alone.


The theaters in my area keep the rooms quite dark, forcing the patrons to look at "The Screen of Many Ads". I actually bought a key-chain flashlight w/ a red lens for night-vision reading. Good for both astronomical chart reading in the field and theaters.:p

07 July 2003, 02:12 AM

The commercials are lame, but they might keep prices down.

The law suit against them will only raise costs to cover the theatres legal fees.

Does no one see all the resaults of their actions. Some cry baby's impatience is going to cost everyone.

07 July 2003, 03:02 AM
I don't mind 15-20 minutes of ads, especially as there are always people who are late to get to the cinema, and it's nice to not have the beginning of the film interrupted because someone is trying to squeeze past you with a bucket of popcorn and a sloshing Coke.

And yeah, more ads mean cheaper ticket prices, so I don't mind at all. Ticket prices here are bad enough as it is.

07 July 2003, 04:46 AM
No offense

But you folks who are saying 15-20 minutes of commercials is OK . . . . . . are out of your minds !!!

Marketing . . . . advertising is so pervasive, annoyingly ubiquitous . . . everywhere and anywhere . . . . don't your senses just want to riot.

The cost of a movie ticket just keeps going up. I expect ZERO commercials because I am directly underwriting the existence of the movie theatre with my ticket. Does anyone here think the theatres will go out of business because they don't have money from showing ads. At home, I accept ads on TV because that is the Faustian bargain for "free" content - however I can mute or change the channel. If I just spent $10 - I paid to not see any commercials.

(I dig Cayce in Pattern Recognition)

07 July 2003, 05:36 AM
actually, yes, the theaters are going out of business all over the place in the US. Mainly because they make no money on your average blockbuster. for the first 10 days, they don't get the take at the ticket counter. After that it is a sliding scale. quick release of DVDs are cutting into the ability to make cash doing the second run thing. ANd only so many people are going to spend $15 for a couple sodas and a large popcorn.

However, by running ads in fixed time slots, they reduce the number of showings. this increases their CPM on the ads they do run. Which means that it increses their revenue even more.

Personally, I think they need to be more creative than that and come up with some new ideas.

Places in california have converted some of their theaters to permanant lan parties with big screen spectating.

Personally I think they should look into hosting company meetings for small and medium businesses. At my last job I can't believe how much we spent to have a meeting for 300 people in a crappy hotel ball room not suited to the task where you couldn't hear crap, and you couldn't see crap. You could have had a nice presentation at a movie theater in the middle of the day and it would have gone 100% to the upkeep of the place.

07 July 2003, 06:25 AM
Edwards cinemas does push to host meetings.

07 July 2003, 06:35 AM
Well.... I enjoyed commercial ads. We have voted every month which is your favorite.

The most annoyed thing for me is CELLPHONE.
Can't people turn those things off for a few hours? :shame:

Peter Reynolds
07 July 2003, 03:12 PM
Yes its true, advertising can be a real pain in the.... (insert your favourite pain spot)

Particularly if they're written by some GIT copy writer for some no brain ad agency.

BUT consider this:

Advertising is great for 3D artists and advertising is great for animators.

Advertising has benefits for animators even if they don't want to work on them.


Because when there is an advertising BOOM, the budgets for TVCs go right up, and naturally, many ads try to use animation and fx to dazzle people. Which means MORE WORK.

And when there is TOO much work and NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE, we all get PAID MORE - even if we work in film OR games, etc, because companies need to pay us more to stop us being lured into Advertising work for quick $$$.

So rather than complain about having to sit through ads, maybe we should be trying to convince companies and ad agencys, that the BEST advertising is 3D animation and FX.

Ad agencies and marketers need to start reading more success stories about how "our 3D animated super FX TVC has resulted in a 500 billion percent sales increase, we couldn't be happier..."

07 July 2003, 04:05 PM
Man, I was about to say, here in MN, AMC runs tons of ads b-4 the flick, but after what you said, that is a very smart idea actually.

(The ads personally don't bother me too much anyway)
(Except for the TM ads, because I'm a smoker. hehe..)
(those ads always make me wanna go out and light up!)

The problem will be getting the agencies to want to spend more money to incorporate more cg, so I think time will tell...

Worth trying tho!

07 July 2003, 04:44 PM
Havent read the entire thread but i dont mind the Commercials myself.
Im one of those ones whos always running late for a movie and wish that there would be alot of commercials on :D

But i would prefer to see commercials that are suited for the cinema screen and sounds, With big explosions. mind blowing CG effects, Sounds that warp your mind and over all just nice eye candy to Advertise the local Law firm down the road. Instead of a lawyers picture and a few words written on the screen and thats all the 1min commercial is.

The cinema that i used to go to used to play some Warner bros cartoon before the commercials, which i thought was cool! too bad they dont do it anymore :annoyed:

07 July 2003, 06:13 PM
i've heard a few people say that they are grateful for the ads, b/c then people don't disturb the movie when they come in late.
That's really poor logic:

If the movie started on time, you'd be there on time!
(this is another indication of our trend to be fashionablly late to everything and people catering to it as appose to sticking it to them)
It's because everyone knows that they don't start on time, that you have no desire to leave until about 5min before the posted show time.

Also, the issue about commercials/advertising infiltrating our lives more... care to comment on how you buy a DVD movie and are FORCED to watch the commercials/ads because you can't fast forward through them.

07 July 2003, 09:40 PM
Even if the movie started on time there would still be people getting in late. There are just peolpe who don't plan ahead and arrive late, those herding kids or your typical obnoxiuos teens. Heck I know friends that even then would come in late, movie punctuality evades their minds.

As far as DVD commercials, heck just put the DVD in first and then go to the bathroom or to the kitchen to get snacks, etc. By the time I get back the movie is erady to play. More efficient way of using the time ;-).

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