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05 May 2009, 12:54 AM
Hi guys. Im currently making the switch from 8 years of XSI over to Maya (since i dont think XSI is stable enough anymore)

In XSI i can create an image based lighting pass (HDRI) pick the map i want to use, set the values (background, light amount, reflections amount)

How would i achive this in maya?

Also. My hdri reflection and lighting map is a Cubic cross map. Does maya handle those maps or do i need to convert to a spherical?

05 May 2009, 05:41 AM
You need to use Mental Ray for this.

Simply go down to the bottom of the Mental Ray tab in your Render Globals, click Environment, click Create Image Based Lighting (I think it's called). Should be pretty straight forward from there.

05 May 2009, 06:37 AM
don't know if this will help you exactly...

- create a sphere for a skydome
- Use 'surface shader material for the sphere. Surface shader is a flat color, perfect for image.
- Plug the hdr image in by opening Surface Shader Attributes Editor/Out Color/file (insert the hdr image)
- then apply the surface shader to sphere you created (press 6 to see how it looks, click on Renderer/High Quality Rendering to see how it looks)
- now you can apply a cylindrical UV map to fit it better... Main drop down menu, under polygons.. Create UVs/create cylindrical Map
- go to Render Global Settings/Final Gather/turn on Final Gather (make sure you turn off 'Default Maya Light' in the Render settings Globals or else it might burnout)
- **to make render smooth*** Render Global Settings/Mental Ray/Final Gather/Filter (this value adjusts the noise and makes it smoother... try 1, default is 0)
- to adjust intensity, adjust the Final Gather Scale value in the Render Global Settings OR open the Shader Attributes/Color Balance/adjust Color Gain etc
- adjust min, max radius value (eg: 2, 10) to remove speckling and smooth image.
- make sure 'Secondary Diffuse Bounces' is turned on for Final Gather in the Render Globals Settings so rays bounces a few times like GI to make lighting look better.

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