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07 July 2003, 07:45 PM
since it is raining on and off today and my machine is rendering, how about some quick tutorial or design tips to improve my knowledge of fusion!

and no yellow snow stuff :D

07 July 2003, 10:50 PM
There's a pile of them over on eyeon's web site. Check it out, under the techniques section.

I'd love to share some of mine, but I now need to hang on to them as I'm thinking about writing a book. :applause:

07 July 2003, 11:37 PM
Great idea for the book. you can still post some nice tuts for us, we will still buy your book, look at the lightwave forums, these guys share a lot, i mean a LOT, rigs, characters, models, surfaces, modeling & animation tutorials, so much stuff It's just :drool: amazing.

i don't think a one liner or some quick special effects will reduce your chance of selling a lot of books for fusion cause so far i haven't even found one. Plus it will generate lots of feedback as to your credentials. i never had heard before of timothy albee and ever since i saw his thread posts with help to the lightwave community i've decided to support him, recently bought all of his three books so far. (dvd compelte fur tutorials would be awesome!)

what kind of fusion book are you thinking about?

what 3d package do you use?

i think most of us have already done the eyeon site. we want more and more tuts.


07 July 2003, 11:58 PM
I'm just not an infinite fountain of knowledge... That's my problem. :p

I've written a good number of the tips on eyeon's site, wrote the courseware that ships with DF and DFX+. If I keep posting all the ideas I have for tips, I just won't have any left! :thumbsdow

Maybe if I could turn this around... What kind of tips do you want to see? I plan on releasing a CD come Aug for 3D workflow. I'm just at the tail end of crunch time at work, so I don't have time to get the website up just yet...

I also have plans for a pile of text+ and particle tutorials. They may be part of the book, maybe just CD's. I'm not sure yet.

07 July 2003, 02:03 AM
those tutorials on the courseware were great introduction to a powerful software. except i don't have all the modules yet so i had to skip a few chapters.

useful flows and eyecatching text+ are simply fantastic tools to keep around for various projects. i am slowly building them right now, i must have close to 200 so far in about a month of having the software. i am building these like presets just like lightwave. great for those clients, could i see that slogan/logo rotating forward in a glow then quickly zipping as an S curve back to the camera.

I for one, think a full comp video project book that would cover an imaginary retail dvd product to the marketplace would help you sell lots of books, more and more people are doing video projects. Starting with basic chapters to set up the workflow, then learn to create dvd menus with effects from fusion and Lightwave, create a 15 and 30 sec ads, create television ids, create a demo for a television proposal complete with lower thirds and top banners effects, learn special water, fog, clouds, fire/heat effects, learn to create special effects in fusion with live video, learn the use of z channels and other functions such as tracker. a starting book for all video projects. a project that forces you to learn all the major tools of fusion.

there is lots of adobe books on the video subject but somehow they tend to skip a lot of useful how-tos. they all include the final footage but the tuts are a bit short. if you hold back then sales will eventually go to someone else.

right now, i am learning all of this after my work day and a few moments with the kids so time for learning is short. That's what i love about lightwave, if you are stuck with something, you are sure someone will help you out.

I am sure you won't run out of ideas for tips as people have different use for different projects all the time. always a pesky client who wants something out of the ordinary. right now i am setting a 3d martial arts dojo with live video footage for live promotional events.

i agree with you, keep the great stuff for yourself until the book deal is done. stuff like doing fog with live footage or anything that is really hard, because that stuff is what most of us would love to have for free. :drool:

but feel free to pm a few awesome flows, i promise i will buy your book, heck even two copies


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