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05 May 2009, 09:12 PM

As i mentioned on a mudbox thread, i am getting into the realm of character modeling, and i am starting off lightly. I am currently working on a spiderman and a space marine. The space marine is more of a solid form, so is not prooving difficult. here is a render of my progress thus far. All modeled in max, and the intention will be to do a bit of mudboxing, maybe to get some scratches, dints and general wear and tear.

As for the spiderman, well it is much more a organic form, yet still not being to intense, due to the fact he is wearing a suit. At the start of the project, i was going to model a slim build spiderman, like in the films, however with me (also in parralel) learning mudbox, thought it would be fun and a challenge to do more of corss between cartoon and film, so more of a ripped character. My workflow is aiming to be generate mesh in max (practically done), sculpt the body details in mudbox, model remaining suit detial in max.

Well, using a generic 3d human mesh i got with a video tutorial, i used it as a sort of 3d blueprint to re-model my spiderman suit. I suppose it was quite pointless, but as i am learning i thought there is no skill in just copying someone elses work. It also allowed me practice the structure of the edge loops a bit more. However once i got to the hands (left it to last) i realised, i could save myself many hours and just link the hands onto my mesh. And that is where i am up to, as shown by the other render. However, i am not satisfied with this, and want to do the hands myself, but i dont know where to start. I can "hold my own", when it comes to modelling most things, but hands are so complex, is there a good tutorial, free or not on how to model hands? Or some advice? I have been 3d maxing for around 3 years, and now model as a career aswell (not this type of modeling though, this remains my hobby)

This was quite a long winded post, but i thought it would be a pointless thread if i just stated "Got any hand tutorials?"

On the other hand (no pun intended) if you have nodded off by now, and you want a, too the point question....."Got any hand tutorials?" ;)

Well here are the renders, all are WIP, but C&C will be welcome. In fact i really would value some C&C on my moodeling, as i said i would consider myself an amateur artist, but i would value some comments by some of the pro which post around here. ( ( (



05 May 2009, 09:49 PM
Google is your friend... ;)

Here's a Video ( on Youtube.

Done in Maya but works exactly the same in Max.

06 June 2009, 09:56 PM
just want to say thanks very much.

After watching that tutorial, it gave me a good starting point to model a hand. I have since modeled the full hand and intergrated it onto my spiderman. It was a great learning exercise and glad i did it as i can say the entire model was done by myself.

Thanks again



06 June 2009, 08:10 AM
I always using google and youtube! It's very good decision!

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