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01 January 2002, 02:08 PM
Hi, this is my first post in this forum.
It´s a Saab 96 that i remade "alittle" :)
I made the original first witch can be seen on my site (
(on the previewbutton on the startpage)
And there´s also a tutorial i made about how i Box modeled the saab.


01 January 2002, 03:43 PM
I really like the shading.
It seems that Brazil is a really good renderer.
Have you already tried Final Render?
I work with Lightwave but I sometimes use Max as well.

Good work :)

01 January 2002, 04:58 PM
Really cool GRID,, I like the update.
For some reason I chuckled to myself,,, I find SAAB funny to look at.. even funnier with that spoiler. Nice pipes too =D

01 January 2002, 05:08 PM
Nice sharp car, the model is just about perfect. With the texturing maybe add some dirt around the tire section and bumper etc. and add some breckup on the spec. Are the headlights 3d, if they are they are a little flat if not then they almost look it! ;)

Have you seen or play Gran Turismo 3? Really sharp models there too!

See you,


01 January 2002, 05:28 PM
Ripper: no i havent tryed finalrender yet, they dont have a demo or free version yet so....

EighthDecay: the lights are 3D...amybe i should make them point out more then.

thx for the coments

01 January 2002, 07:19 AM
here´s anyother version of the saab :)


01 January 2002, 07:26 AM
Hey Grid;

U and I who are from Sweden are pretty used to how a SAAB 96 should look, so I guess it's funnier for us to see this 500 HP monster! Great work man, I really like it!

Jag har själv en SAAB 900 -87, kan du inte modda min bil oxå?! :D :D :D



01 January 2002, 12:01 PM
Man I love these cars.... apart from the facr that these renders look great, we used to have one of these when I was a kid, and my earliest memory is coming back from preschool to see our saab explode outside our house, fond memories

01 January 2002, 12:05 PM
PaulC: i guess this version i made brings back the memories better then :)


01 January 2002, 12:56 PM
Absolutely beautiful work! Nice to see something other than an Audi TT or Beetle! The modeling is great, the textures top notch, how did you achieve the reflections in the last render? Is it just a reflection map, or the HDR map?

01 January 2002, 01:53 PM

01 January 2002, 02:02 PM
O Yes .... love the way the "enhanced" SAAB 96 looks. I beat "Carlsson på taket" would have killed had he used that version in the rally ....

Read your tutorial on it too. Great ... learned something new :D

/ daniel

01 January 2002, 02:14 PM
awesome work !!

Absolutely beautiful work!

HDR work?

01 January 2002, 12:13 PM
goodlag and Tbonz816: no HDR just a bitmap as reflectio so far....the plan is to make a full scene and then use raytrace reflections


01 January 2002, 02:51 PM
Hey good new renders,, a question,, have you tried animating these bad boys driving?,, love your cars, keep them coming.

01 January 2002, 01:09 AM
This is just a camera moving but it´s a anim :)


01 January 2002, 02:24 AM
hooo man...
i love your vision from a old continent street monster ...
i have one old restored one parked in my street ( berlin germany )
may be should you do a red version with some sticker ... ????
good job

Staffan Norling
01 January 2002, 02:33 AM
Looks supercool, allthough i don't think it's posible to find an old 96 that clean and undamaged.

Is the rally verision based on reality or did you just pla around? The seats looks too modern for the old car and the modification of the hood looks strange.

01 January 2002, 05:32 AM
Nice job, especially like the headlights. Would like to see some interior shots. :)

01 January 2002, 05:32 AM
great model, nice textures, superb choice of subject!

try and make the panel seams a little bit narrower, though!
And could you show us the car in a realistic environment? Photorealistic that is :)

02 February 2002, 06:19 PM
Skyraider3D: some of the panel seams that i think youre talking about does have a black rubber list to stop water i guess, maybe that´s why you think they look alittle wide.
Here´s som pics with enviroment

But the plan is to make a real enviroment with some saab´s out on a countryroad or something. (when i get time to make it)


02 February 2002, 06:54 PM
Absolutely class! Those are superb renders! You're sure you didn't photograph a scale model? ;)
Really great work!!

I just visited your website. Some of the pics in the gallery are familiar :)
You're improving fast! The dusty CRX render I saw some time ago on 3D Europe, and although the car was well modelled, the render was nice but not that amazing IMHO. But this... maaaaan :) I say again: AWE-SOME :)

Can't wait to see what's next!

PS. I am not familiar with this car, so I take your word for it on the seam rubbers :)

big b
02 February 2002, 07:39 PM

I have to definately get me one of those.

Cool model.

02 February 2002, 10:13 PM
Very nice.Theversion with the one standing on the wood is the best from my " PERSPECTIVE "

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