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05 May 2009, 05:53 AM

Here is a little piece i am working on. I am hoping it will turn out good enough for my reel, but atm I am testing out my rig, and improving my animation at the same time.

Any C&C is most welcome, as i really want to improve this piece. Its a mixture of pose-to-pose and straight ahead. learn as much as i can on this piece.

Latest Video Clip: Animation (
Playing with textures for the shot:

Thank You


05 May 2009, 12:12 PM
The first couple seconds look great, but the last couple seconds definately need some work. It looks like the character is sliding at the end :)
I really loved the way the character moved when it first came down though.

05 May 2009, 10:50 PM
Thanks for the reply.

There is still lots to do, but good to hear its on the right path. and the end hasn't been touched, basically blocking that got set to spline tangents:) so need to work on the second landing and the roll next.

05 May 2009, 04:51 AM

Some changes done, and i felt like putting on a occlusion render of it before bed. cause i love that look. but, for some reason it plays alot faster. every setup in Maya is 25FPS, and when i export image sequence in quicktime at 25FPS, its alot faster than the playblast. if anyone know anything why, please let me know. although, i like this faster pace, so plan to speed it up a little now

and as always, any good or bad C&C is always welcome


05 May 2009, 03:40 PM
I'm liking the ninja Serashi! Also, I'm liking that you have a little bit of follow-through when he lands on the ground. Good observation! I noticed at the end of the second version you posted, there's a little bit of knee popping at the end. Check it frame by frame.

Also, you might want to check the realtime settings to see if those are set to 25FPS and also when you import image sequence in Quicktime, double check to make sure that your importing it as 25FPS. I'm thinking it has to be one of those two options.

05 May 2009, 09:01 PM
Thanks for the comment. I will take alook at the popping, and get starting on the second landing and try and smooth that out. Then start some heavy polishish. And also get back to finishing the rig with proper deformations at the joints:)

I found out the speed issue. I had to make sure quicktime was set to 25 frames pr second when I 'open image sequence', not just in the export settings.

05 May 2009, 03:30 AM
Made some more progress. Link is in the first post, and here. As always, and C&C is welcome.

05 May 2009, 03:19 PM
I like it man. Looks good. The only complaint i have is with the Vimeo site not letting me scrub the timeline to see every aspect frame by frame on the video. So because of such, my comment may not be on point.

The initial drop happens pretty fast which is fine, but on the landing it doesnt look to me like the knees/legs squash and rise enough on impact. He is dropping a rather good distance and the torso and arm reactions look great. But the legs seem like the bend and dont move. But again, it happens fast and Vimeo wont let me scrub the time slider back and forth to see for sure. So maybe I am just not picking it up.

05 May 2009, 11:37 PM
Thank you for the feedback. I will take closer look at the landing, see if he needs to drop down harder. I had him drop hard earlier but softened it a little. so i will do some comparing. glad to hear someone likes it.

here is a occlusion movie, a lot clearer to see than a playblast. and i hope this will be my last vimeo upload:)

I know its a bit hard to analyze it on vimeo. i will upload the files to a webserver shortly, so then i will use quicktime and get the nice scrubbing.

05 May 2009, 03:21 PM
Actually now that I saw the occlusion pass, it is in there. There is a whole flow of the body going down and rising up slightly to catch the weight. Did you change that or is it slowed down some on the tempo? Whatever the case, I can see a good solid "thump" of a landing now. Looks good.

05 May 2009, 11:07 PM
The occlusion was identical to the playblast.

Did a play with textures and basic light, try and put the shot in an environment. Here I have enhanced drop down of the first landing a little more.

and thanks again for taking the time to give me some feedback. If you got anything on other sections, feel free to C&C. will try and go into last polish stage and hopefully finish this animation, and starting on the ninja fighting with or without a weapon:)

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