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01 January 2002, 01:11 PM
Hello guys! Im new to the forums! and I would like to introduce you to my short Movie trailer :) Critt it if you wish! I just thought I would like to share it with you, My name is Eugene Mishibinijima and I have been modeling for like 7 years now. This is the first time that I actually put somethin together and it gives me a motive to do more :) anyways see u guys again until my next post...

Project: Coming Home From a Long Journey

Chapter 1 of 3


The Reptoid aliens traveled the stars for millions of years leaving home our earth, There mission was to explore new life in our galaxy and They found one place, a distant star far from earth It would take them millions of years to travel there, and so they did. When the Reptoid aliens
came home it was a differnt story, Now that everything has
changed on earth the Reptoid alien race was feared that we killed them off because they never saw humans before, and so making us the hostile aliens to them.

(17.6 megs)

01 January 2002, 02:45 PM
wew amzing work! pretty nice gfx and a wonderful sound. the only thing that disturbed a bit (not very much but err, you know this is the only thing where I can give you some critics ;) ) is the fact , that there is no sound while the cam shakes in the 'moon-shot'
I know that you cannot here anything out in space... but I'm kinda used to this effect.
so in general I think this trailer is great. I'm looking forward to the finished movie. definately.

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