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05 May 2009, 09:35 PM
Hey folks,

I have an issue that may be an easy fix. Not sure. I'm batch rendering a sequence and I've set the project to where i want the images to render to. All the information looks fine but when I render, the folder isn't created and there are no images. Also, in the script editor, it displays a relative path instead of the full path such as:

Result: Percentage of rendering done: 45 (/AO_loRes/CU_AO_loRes.0001.png)

I've tried rendering locally and to a network. I've tried it on different computers (same result so I assume its the file itself, some setting I might have changed by accident). Same on windows or mac. I'm rendering with mental ray. The project, currently, is set to the desktop:

Path: C:/Documents and Settings/Administrator/Desktop/tt_ywCU//
File Name prefix: /AO_loRes/CU_AO_loREs.0001.png (/%l/CU_%l is what is written in the prefix box, to create a folder with the render layer name and put the "CU" prefix on the file names themselves; )

So yea, I'm not sure what other info you might need but feel free to ask. If you recognize the issue, don't hesitate to respond. Thanks in advance!

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05 May 2009, 09:35 PM
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