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07 July 2003, 05:45 AM
Hello everybody.

I am working on an anim and I thought it would be cool to add cloth simulation to my characters.
Since cloth simulation is very time consuming (besides, I always have a hard time trying to use custom hand-made geometry as a cloth object) I decided to go on the softbody way. I created a softbody copy of my clothing and then painted the weights and all. It looked fine but I wanted to have more "stretching and stuff" so I decided to add springs.

I created the springs using the "min/max" method and then set the damping and stiffness attributes and all that. When I play back the animation I notice that the geometry explodes :surprised Just like that, the vertices are propelled in all directions :annoyed:

Is therea anything I should know about springs before trying to do that? I'd really like to have that stretching look on my clothing but I can't seem to get the springs to work :cry:

07 July 2003, 10:09 AM
Check your spring stiffness and damping attributes. Sometimes when set too high things explode. If you need to stiffen the effect, you could use two springs for the same particleShape. And you can also mix springs effects: one with min/max and one with wireframe for instance.


07 July 2003, 03:01 PM
I was using a high stiffness setting, actually. I'll check that out and then try again :D

09 September 2004, 03:32 PM
ok -- i've got everything looking nice.
i've got 3 different layers of springs, all with relatively low stiffness and damping settings.
< as a side queery - does anyone know the reason for compound springs on a softbody, or the optimal method to make it work? tips / tricks?? >

My setup up is a Softbody skirt wraped around my character model.
The softbody moves nicely and achieves a satisfactory realness of motion when colliding with my character's legs. My only problem is that the single object bound geometry...
(which i have of course >Particle/Make Collide/ 'd)
...pushes through the softbody. it seems like my softbody is bound by a certain restraint, and when the animated geometry goes beyond that boundry, the softbody breaks, and the geom passes through. the boundry seems pretty small though. I dunno. I'm stuck and would really appreciate ANY and more importantly ALL the things i can look into tweaking to try and make this work.

THanks for your time, and replies guys/gals!


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