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Facial Deluxe
07 July 2003, 12:06 AM
Not wanting to start a war, but now that time has passed, I would like to hear the pro's an cons of both plugs users .

I'm just in the rush of rigging for a quick project, and I'm thinking of trying one of those autorig plugs.

Feel free to comment.

07 July 2003, 12:39 AM
I like motionbuilder

Facial Deluxe
07 July 2003, 12:41 AM
How is it to go from motion builder to LW and vice versa while on prod ? Was wondering if it was not to tedious...

07 July 2003, 12:52 AM
I love it. not to say that it (like all setups) has its little qwerks, and work arounds, but from everything I've found, its a breeze.

Me and Dave3D have made a dino and biped rig, named and ready to adjust to your character. then pop into MB, characterize
and animate, pose, whatever, you can set mocap files to the rigs.

very powerful, but mostly, realtime animating, and I mean realtime, no powerblasts or preview renders.

its rocks. do the research, see if its for you.


Facial Deluxe
07 July 2003, 01:06 AM
Not sure to have time for learning MB for my actual project, but do you have online samples of your dino and biped ?

07 July 2003, 01:11 AM
I use ACS4 for all my projects.
Once you understand its litttle quirks, the program is very easy to use. And the rig is very powerfull.

I am a happy customer.

Facial Deluxe
07 July 2003, 01:12 AM
Hi Roberto :) what quirks for example ?

07 July 2003, 01:24 AM
ok you have to follow an exact procedure to the to do the automatic rigging. It is not complicated, but it requires that
you pay attention to what are you doing.

Once I understood that following instructions is a good idea, the process became painless.

And setting up a character was done usually in minutes.

The rig is very nice, and has expression controls for the hands.
Weight maps work just fine with it, and the expressions for the feet controls are very good.

I am attaching an image of one of my characters rigged with acs4.

>>link<< (

07 July 2003, 02:33 AM
I sue ACS4 for all my projects.

Well, that's one way to get funding :)

Facial Deluxe
07 July 2003, 02:55 AM
Originally posted by Shade01
Well, that's one way to get funding :)
Any suggestion ?

07 July 2003, 03:10 AM
I have TSM, which I bought when it was released, and found it to be quite pleasing; generates a high-quality rig very fast and is pretty flexible in terms of rigging quads and multi-limbed/tailed creatures.

However, for biped anim., I'd have to agree w/ Roguenroll, in that MB just rocks! Lightning real-realtime anim. and a wonderfully ik'd contro rig. IMHO the learning curve is real fast . . .


07 July 2003, 03:55 AM
I use acs4 and it's just great, i'm quite new to lightwave and know little about weighing and skinning so acs4 does the job for me.
What i love the most is the hand control through sliders.

Rabid pitbull
07 July 2003, 04:11 AM
ACS4 is awesome! Very easy to use and the rigs are very powerful. The documentation is so complete you will most likely never have any questions on how to use it, but if something doesn't make sense... Lukasz Pazera is great to deal with. He IS actually very very attentive to all the LW forums, answers questions within a day most of the time, answers email quickly, and is very willing to help any of his customers, or potental customers.

Also don't forget that he is also working on advanced rigs he has promised to deliver. I know he is very ;) close to finishing the quad rig, and certainly the ninja rig is being worked on as well.

I would never have made such a powerful rig if it wasn't for this fabulous tool. After all he developed this tool for himself at first so that he could be a better animator. You will not be disappointed with this plugin!:)


07 July 2003, 04:55 AM
I use the setup machine demo.
Very easy and very fast.
It has a naming scheme that you must adhere to but that was really no-brainer because they give skeletonsetups.

next lw-only project, I gonna get it.

07 July 2003, 04:12 PM
I own ACS4 and use it all the time. It can be clunky at times , like overkill for small characters that don't need so much control, but it can be customized.

The TSM I've tried the demo rig, and I got to say, I did not like the way it the rig works. It seems a lot more clunky and overkill than ACS4 for some reason, but I really didn't care for it.

I'll continue to experiment building my own easy to use rigs, and using ACS4 for my game characters.

07 July 2003, 05:08 PM
I was going to say the same thing about ACS4 being clinky and an overkill but I know thats of LW environment fault. ACS$ is customizable but it seems to be a one time go and then you have to redo the rig.

TSM allowed me to just add legs IK
I could mirror hierarchies anytime i want at different stages (which isn't necessary at all)
The knee and elbow constraints are beautiful.
I can add and take way without the rig falling apart.

Hopefully we get faster expressions/Ik to take advantage of both acs4 and TSM features.

07 July 2003, 06:35 PM
Well, I'm not sure about customer service for TSM, but I can certainly say the customer service for ACS4 has been simply spectacular. It's not often you can ask the creator of a product questions and get an answer every single time.

08 August 2003, 02:39 AM
Both products have their pros and cons. I won't get into the details as not to misrepresent ACS4. However I would recommend going to both products web pages and looking at the information both products have. Take a look, download the demo of TSMLW and demo rigs of ACS4. Play around with them and see what you like the best.
If you are so inclined post your findings and share your opinions. I am always interested to hear what people have to say about our products and the different experiences people have with them.
As for which one is better, well its obviously TSM, according to me. Let me know what you think,

-J.p. Wilson

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