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05 May 2009, 08:40 PM
Can anyone else reproduce this, and tell me a way to correct it?

i'm basically trying to do some proboolean tasks with code, here is a cut down example of what i'm doing


ProBoolean.createBooleanObjects ($Plane01)($Box01) 2 2 0
ProBoolean.setCookieCut ($Plane01) true

a = ProBoolean.getCookieCut($Plane01)

print a
select $Plane01

though "a" will print true, the cookie checkbox is obviously false.

Does this happen to anyone else, and can anyone tell me what i can do to fix it? Basically i just want the box to cut a hole into the plane.

attached is an example file to test with.

05 May 2009, 10:11 PM
looks like that's broken - returns the correct values in 2010, at least, but it looks like there's plenty of other issues with ProBoolean access (like changing the operation, removing a node, setOperandB throwing nothing but ** system exception ** etc. etc.) and an undo here just caused a crash :)

You might be able to use UIAccessor to toggle that checkbox, but that still leaves you with having to deal with other issues. I *think* it's doable, but 3ds max 9 is lacking a few useful bits and pieces that would make it easier, too.

perhaps you could use Boolean2 instead?

05 May 2009, 10:26 PM
Thanks for looking into it,

It seems it would just be easier to split my script up into 2 scripts then take the extra time to see if i can get the dialog Ops working. There's not to much left to do after i do the boolean operation, so this will just be easier.

Thanks again for confirming.

05 May 2009, 10:30 PM
no prob... in the mean time, this might help:

-- Function to get the 3ds Max HWND.
-- Note that it will return the last found 3ds Max 9 window, which may not be the
-- active one.
-- In 3ds Max 2008+, you would use windows.getMaxHWND()
fn getMax9HWND = (
local desktopChildrenHWNDs = UIAccessor.getChildWindows 0
local maxHWND = undefined
for i = 1 to desktopChildrenHWNDs.count do (
local windowTitle = UIAccessor.getWindowText desktopChildrenHWNDs[i]
if (matchPattern windowTitle pattern:"*Autodesk 3ds Max 9*") then ( maxHWND = desktopChildrenHWNDs[i] )

-- Find the command panel as a child of that 3ds Max HWND
-- This will fail if you float your command panel.
-- If you do float your command panel, see the above function as a template
-- to finding the "Command Panel" window as a child of the desktop.
fn getMax9CommandPanelHWND = (
local maxHWND = getMax9HWND()
if (maxHWND == undefined) do ( return undefined )
local maxChildren = UIAccessor.getChildWindows maxHWND
local commandPanelHWND = undefined
for i = 1 to maxChildren.count do (
local windowTitle = UIAccessor.getWindowText maxChildren[i]
if (windowTitle == "Command Panel") then ( commandPanelHWND = maxChildren[i] )

-- find the "Cookie" checkbox as offspring of the Command Panel
fn getMax9ProBooleanCookieCheckboxHWND = (
local commandPanelHWND = getMax9CommandPanelHWND()
if (commandPanelHWND == undefined) do ( return undefined )
local commandPanelChildren = UIAccessor.getChildWindows commandPanelHWND
local cookieCheckboxHWND = undefined
for i = 1 to commandPanelChildren.count do (
local windowTitle = UIAccessor.getWindowText commandPanelChildren[i]
if (windowTitle == "Cookie") then ( cookieCheckboxHWND = commandPanelChildren[i] )

-- A function to set a checkbox state by HWND
fn setCheckboxState hwnd state = (
local parentHWND = UIAccessor.getParentWindow hwnd
local id = UIAccessor.getWindowResourceID hwnd
local state = case state of (
true: (BST_CHECKED = 0x0001)
false: (BST_UNCHECKED = 0x0000)
#indeterminate: (BST_INDETERMINATE = 0x0002)
UIAccessor.sendMessage hwnd (BM_SETCHECK = 0x00f1) state 0
if (state != #indeterminate) then (
UIAccessor.sendMessage parentHWND (WM_COMMAND = 0x0111) ((bit.shift (BN_CLICKED = 0x0000) 16) + id) hwnd

-- the function to create a proBoolean cookie-cut subtraction.
-- subtracts B from A
-- will throw an error if it fails to find the necessary checkbox
fn cookiecutProBoolean a b = (
-- create an empty boolean first
proBoolean.createBooleanObjects a #() (subtraction = 2) (move = 2) (retainOriginalMaterial = 1)
-- select the boolean object
select a
-- and go to modify mode so we can find that cookie checkbox
max modify mode
-- now try finding it
cookieCheckboxHWND = getMax9ProBooleanCookieCheckboxHWND()
-- failsafe device below
if (cookieCheckboxHWND == undefined) do ( throw "Could not find Cookie checkbox!" )
-- toggle the checkbox
setCheckboxState cookieCheckboxHWND true
-- now set the B operand.
proBoolean.setOperandB a b (subtraction = 2) (retainOriginalMaterial = 1)
-- return the result

Edit: 0x000 -> 0x0000 ; has no actual impact (both are 'zero') but is the proper notation

05 May 2009, 10:44 PM
sweet man, thanks alot :)

much appreciated.

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