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07 July 2003, 06:20 AM
I'm prepping for Siggraph, trying to get my demo reel in order. Was hoping I could get some Critiques on my reel.

I'm looking for work as a character animator, so please focus any crits in that direction.

I've seen parts of this reel soo many times I've lost a lot of objectivity.. so please tell me what you think is good, what you think is bad and should be taken out, things I'm missing and should try to put in. 13.5 meg DIVX 5.05 10.5 meg Sorenson3

Here are a couple quick images from the reel.

Please be harsh, but not nasty. Thank you!

07 July 2003, 06:37 PM
Well Kricket, you've got a lot of great stuff going for you. There are a couple of points I'd like to make. I'd probably take out the clip at the begining of the girl doing the shoulder nod, blink, and boob jiggle. When you're putting your reel together, you always want every piece on there to be deliberate, and to show something specific. That clip doesn't really do either. The black and white corridor 3 clip has a couple problems with the walk. It looks a bit awkward, and his legs lock strait a couple of times, and the spin on the heel doesn't have much weight. I would try and rework it a bit. The next clip of the robot opening it's eyes, I would also question if it's necessary. Pretty much all that happens is his eyes open. You always want to put up work that showcases your abilities, not just the fact that you can plant a couple of keys. The fall looks pretty good, but it's a little floaty. It starts out at a good speed, but slows down when his feet hit, instead of when his feet catch his weight. Let me know if this makes any sense. In the next scene, the run again, looks pretty good. One thing that caught my eye was his right foot, it doesn't stretch out after he pushes off the ground. Towards the end of the run, his up and down motion begin to really pop. In the next clip, most run cycles place the feet on a line, and not side by side. I think he feet might be spread a bit too far. Something about the trip doesn't feel right. Although it might just be the angle we're seeing it from, I'd watch it in the side view and see how it performs, that should help you identify if anything isn't right. The snappy stuff at the end is really good, great job there. One thing that was odd in the next clip was that the yellow woman's hips never moved except for the split second that she swings the hammer. I would move her around a bit more, and give her a little bit more weight. In the next clip, the little grey man swings in slow motion. I'm not sure why, or if that was done on purpose. The next clip with the robot was your best work. His stomp and slam were just great! The diolauges were also some pretty good stuff. The carrot one was probably the best. The woman and the cowboy seemed to have a bit too much movement, especially the woman, she looked very floaty. I'm a bit tired of typing so I won't say too much right now. Well I guess that's it. I hope to see some changes and some new stuff soon. Hope I wasn't too harsh.

07 July 2003, 07:16 PM
Originally posted by Babyhopper
Hope I wasn't too harsh.

Not at all, that was great feedback, thank you! I'll probably take out the girl nodding like you said.

I've been meaning to do another animation with the Robot and the security guard together, I'll do that and replace those clips.

I'll tweak the goblin's run cycles some more, I'm not sure about the foot width tho.. I had always read that trackers know when someone is running because the width of their feet is farther apart. But I'll play with it and see how it turns out :)

I'll probably end up taking out the hammer clips. That project was a nightmare which I dont want to revisit/tweak hehe. The woman didnt move much because I was trying to preserve the bell shape of her dress, there was a bell theme (she was a southern belle). The dumb bell (the grey one) is really slow, you're right.

I'll see what I can tweak with the dialogue sections for the woman with wings and the cowboy.

Again, thank you!

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