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04 April 2009, 01:08 AM
Hello everyone, thank you for reading this.

I am representing a team of game developers operating under the name of CT Games.

We are currently in early stages of creating a MMOG (to be exact version 0.0.3 is out 0.0.4 almost done)

Currently we are short on designers and would like some help.

Before everything I would like to introduce our project, Towns Life.

Towns Life is a 2D MMOG (mass multiplayer online game) with a passive game play based on users interaction, items collection and property management.

Users will be able to take role of a citizen living in a country side continent town which main industry is based on Farming, Trading and Mining.

After settling down one will be able to chose one of the 3 industries and own property according to its choice. Once being an owner, user will be able to perform industry related job, earn gold and raise their property value.

Just a quick introduction. There is much more documentation on it...

Our artwork style is Anime/Asian looking, however we haven't got the chance to define the exact appearance of game due to unexpected designers loss, thus we seek concept artists to define final style.

I can provide you a link to our website and client repository (game client is open source and can already be downloaded)Ö I am not sure if I am allowed to post links here so itís better to ask me if you interested.


∑ Ability to work on an exiting and original MMOG

∑ Friendly team to interact with

∑ Have your artwork appreciated by many people in an actual game

∑ A good addition to your portfolio

∑ A good job for the future if you still want to keep going

∑ Artist will eventually be compensated for all work, when game starts to have revenue

∑ And for last but not least, a lot of fun

Feel free to ask anything or comment.

Interested? Please contact me on: sabata at

Or post here.

Thank you.

04 April 2009, 04:32 PM
Still in big need of talents.

We have finished version 0.0.4 map display is fully working now... just some art left to be done, currently we are using placeholder map.

We have plans to build major features on next versions, this includes a small part of town for the 0.0.5 version (starting work on it) and character movement for version 0.0.6
Once that made a big part of game will be complette.

Some screenshots of our map.

05 May 2009, 07:44 PM
A couple of weeks and a new update.

It was planned to have small delay on programming for a period of 3 months, due to location moving of programmer... but then we got another news, we are ahead of schedule programming wise!

player camera is already done, mouse picking will come in with movement (already on work) since we aren't having free roaming camera, viewable player is already supported, just have to add customized avatars to make it worth doing...

And that said we are all behind with art production sadly :(

We have filled the position for character illustrator/concept, he is working on some sketches clean ups and colors definition so far, posting sketches below.

But we are in quite a need for ideal environment concept designer and In game artist which should be a pixel artist or not quite...

Lately I have been looking into game arts and have noticed this nice style, like a combination of pixel art and digital effects made on photoshop (brushes, etc...)
If anyone interested can work with that I would really appreciate to hear from them.
An example of what I mean below...made by another artist I found on DA.

Work sketches by Indy

06 June 2009, 06:13 PM
Back again to give more news on project progress and to look for more amazing talents.

We had some delays and problems with GUI interface programming which seems to be solved for now after a long team chat...
A new programmer has joined our team.
New character designer also joined our team.

Website being updated as I type... and yea... lots of new docs heh, so...

Talents we need:

Environment concept artist/architect - We are still in need for artists to create our city and buildings concept, based on general description.

In game art designer - High level pixel art, or Photoshop made sprites/tiles/buildings can do, take in account that its set on Isometric perspective.

GUI designer - We are in need of an artist to create in game interfaces... a basic idea had been set but artist can change if he wishes. Photoshop or similar skills required.

I am also open to send our "market research" document to anyone interested to read it, this way you can see our direction for the project and maybe consider us more seriously.

If anyone interested send a mail to sabata at

Thank you.

08 August 2009, 02:10 AM
Version released!

Windows version ( - 1.2 mb

New features:
-Character creation
-Layering system
-Male and Female bases added
-Character display on map
-Names display on click (when you click another user their name will appear)
-Chat bugs fix

Still looking for additional artists!

Environment concept:
Best if have following skills: (But feel free to apply even if don't have them)
-Architectural concepts
-Isometric view knowledge

IGA - In Game Art designer
Best if have following skills: (But feel free to apply even if don't have them)
-Isometric knowledge
-Cell shading skills -PS: we like this style but doesn't need to be exactly it.

Feel free to apply for this position and provide artwork you think may look good in game, we agree to consider all styles of art to be used for internal use be it Photoshop, Pixel art or even 3D (static however)

Thank you very much, feel free to ask anything.

11 November 2009, 03:20 AM
And after a few month I am back to my post.

The project has not been abandoned, on the contrary progress has been made!
New website has just been released, and it has a much better look, please feel free to visit.

So far still under construction, some scripts missing and a couple of pages to be hosted yet, however you can see our design very well on it, we hope you like it. (

Next game version is currently being on testing, movement has been finished and a new game server has been set up, due to this we had to take down previous game servers thus versions or lower wont be working for a while. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

As for our team members, we are still in need of help, currently looking for:

-Character designers - Anime, cell shading, sample can be provided on request.

-Environment designers - Anime knowledge a plus but totally not required, general world idea and photo samples of art direction will be provided for easier work conditions.

-Isometric designers - Anyone with ability to work in 2D isometric view is welcome to apply and provide samples, we need designers to work on our in game world which happens to be isometric. All art styles welcome to apply (pixel, brush, drawing, etc.)

-Pixel artist - Our characters are pixel made and animated with an anime look, designers with anime background and high quality pixel art are welcome to provide help with in game characters.

Contact: sabata [at]

01 January 2010, 11:25 PM
Happy New Year everyone! I believe this is my first post since last month.

Bringing new updates and looking for more talented artists.

Visit our web page for news: (

Web department is now working on getting new features to turn whole website into an interactive website similar to gaia online. Details can be provided on request, and the main team is working on getting client version 0.0.7 done. Version 0.0.6 has been internally released and tested, currently its going trough a bug fix and is set to be released next weekend.

Our lead artist has entered air force and left the team (she has finally realized her dream to be in air force =) ) thus we are with new open positions which can be seen in my post above.

If interested please get in contact: sabata [at]

02 February 2010, 06:28 PM
A bit late update, 0.0.6 released on February 1st and can be found at our website: (

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