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07 July 2003, 10:19 AM
Hello Everyone! my first post in this "Character Rigging"
forum or nest or what you call it :-)
(I am using maya 4.5)
i have a question about some rigging things. i like to modell
realy low poly modells. but there is a problem. when
i have build my skeleton etc. and i set up a rigid bind.
and then i go to my ik solver and i move the arm there is a problem even when i have changed the membership of the points etc, and i have put some flexors on the arm , when i move the arm. i can se that the texture on the arm is stretching . and
is there anyway to make this "PERFECT" so when i move the arm there is no streching on the texture on the shoulder etc. or do i have to few points on the shoulder? what is the magic trick?

let me show and example of what i mean. this is a 1900+ tri polycharacter my very first, hes to boxy for that amount but it was my first here we go! :-)

any ideas and tips?

thanks in advance :-)


07 July 2003, 03:30 AM
Generally, it is better to texture the character while it is in it's most commonly used pose. In other words, make your "rest" position for the character with the arms down (or at least further down than it is). This will at least minimize the amount of strectching that occurs during animation.

hope this helps.

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