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04 April 2009, 01:39 PM
Assembler Smart Objects™ developed to speed the creation of

Drag & Drop 3D Training Applications

]Ramona, CA – April 16 2009 - Esperient Corporation (“Esperient”), a pioneering developer of 3D authoring tools for interactive 3D visual computing applications, has extended the capabilities of its flagship product, Esperient Creator, by developing a series of ‘Assembler’ Smart Objects™ that greatly accelerate the time taken to create interactive training applications.

Assembler Smart Objects™ provide a quick and easy means to combine advanced 3D graphics with drag-and-drop interfaces to facilitate a more engaging, less frustrating learning experience. The example projects that accompany the Assembler Smart Objects™ (detailed below) show how to build the basis of training applications and simple games. The videos can be seen at: ( and also on Youtube at the links shown below.

Assembler Video 1 – Snail ( (

The first video in a series of three demonstrates the basics of using Esperient’s template-type Smart Objects™ to create an application for assembling a wide range of 3D data for instructional purposes. Starting with a simple SketchUp model of a Snail puzzle taken from Google 3D warehouse, the video shows how to use the ‘DnDAssembler’ to order the scene objects and add them to the assembly process. Once completed, the application will count the user’s correct picks and notify them when the task has been successfully completed.

Assembler Video 2 – Circuit Board ( (

In this second example, using 3D data of a circuit board, the Drag and Drop Assembler objects are used for Instructional purposes. The dataset presents new issues, such as occluded parts, and these are resolved using the ‘Reveal’ widget which records which objects occlude other objects in the scene. Further Smart Objects™, such as the ‘Erase’ and ‘ShowComplete’ widgets, have also been created to ease the instructional process.

Assembler Video 3 – Creating Frankenstein ( (

This third example in the Assembler series demonstrates how animations and events can be cued in response to the completion of certain tasks. The use of Pick and Trigger animations demonstrate how interactivity and functionality can be added to a scene within minutes when using Smart Objects™.

Commenting on the latest development, Ben Vaughan, CEO of Esperient, said:

Educators and media developers who create content for K12 and collegiate education, as well as introductory industrial training courses, are routinely asked to develop simple to use drag and drop User Interfaces for interactive game and learning materials. Combining these user interfaces with 3D content has previously presented significant project challenges. Creator's Assembler Smart Objects™ remove the complexity associated with such developments and provide an easy to use mechanism to start creating drag and drop 3D content applications rapidly."

About Esperient Corporation

Founded in October 2007 as a spin-off from Right Hemisphere Inc., Esperient's mission is to develop low cost, easy-to-use interactive 3D visual computing software that allows creative designers, from all business and artistic sectors, to utilize existing digital assets more efficiently and to leverage those assets by developing and publishing innovative 3D media for use throughout the product life cycle.

Esperient's vision is to see Esperient Creator become the 'Photoshop of 3D Media'. We will achieve this vision by removing the barriers to widespread adoption through lowering the cost of entry, making the software accessible to everyone and adding value to existing creative workflows.

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