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04 April 2009, 01:46 PM
The Chronicle of Higher Education's edition for faculty salaries came out.What is interesting is that most universities with strong research departments pay their professors more than just masters level institutions ( 90K vs 75K). I was checking, however, the average salaries of professors at some selected art schools,which I found very illuminating. I also did some research on the web for schools not mentioned by the Chronicle of Higher Education:
1.Carnegie Mellon $136,000 ( but would doubt that art professors are paid same as other professors)
2. RISD about $82,000
Rochester Institute of Technology $73,012
3. Calarts $63,400
4. Pratt Institute $62,900
5. Ringling $61,900
6.SCAD $61,055
7. Academy of Art University $57,581
8. Otis $56,741
9. Digital Media Arts college $56,000
10. Digipen Institute of Technology ~ $54,000
11. Laguna College of Art $54,276
12. School of Visual Arts: a horrible $47,800. In fact, most "for profit" schools pay their faculty much less than that of non-profits.
13.Ex'pression College For Digital Arts $33,777
14. Full Sail: $ A horrible $31,540

Also, these numbers should be factored in with cost of living. For example, Florida has no income tax, which makes Ringling's salaries a lot better than it looks. Calarts is in an expensive area as is Academy of Art University, etc.

I have published this list because, in theory, the more well-known teachers will probably gravitate to the better paying institutions. I would think that if an institution pays well below the national average, a more intensive scrutiny should occur before enrolling there.

04 April 2009, 01:50 PM
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