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07 July 2003, 06:50 PM
Everyones favorite and totally overdone topic being done yet another time!!!!!!

Its a nekkid woman. No arms or legs yet.
Sorry about the pics, i dont have access to my own hosting atm.

Fullbody-Side (
Fullbody-Back (
Fullbody-Front (
It appears that the only fullbody wire that i brought is the back. Will try to remedy that tomorrow.
Back Wire (
Face Front (
Face 3/4 (
Face Back (
Face 3/4 Wire ( Face Back Wire (
No ears yet:D I am a little wary of those. Maybe by monday.

Anyways, she's an attempt at a somewhat good looking, standard female, not based on any specific character or anything like that so any ration based proportions etc are excellent targets.
I really need help with rewiring the back. Thats been giving me quite a bit of trouble.

Oh yeah, wings3d, rendered with default OGL renderer. Time 10hrs or so.

07 July 2003, 12:59 AM
It needs a lot of work. I'm assuming that you are making an alpha female. The shoulders are too sharp and the flesh seems flabby. The back of the neck is too recessive and her legs don't match her torso. The breasts are postioned too far apart. They almost look like they are in her armpits.

I'm thinking that you need an anatomy book or failing that, a playboy or gentleman's magazine. Your model is a good start, though.

07 July 2003, 03:46 PM
i wish more people would put their images into the post instead of a link. I't hard to remember what you were looking at when you are trying to write a C&C.

That said i think you have a good start but a long way to go. To me she looks way to old. the skin doesn't look tight, the breasts are droopy, and the face looks older. I mostly agree with PAPERSHAKER

07 July 2003, 03:54 PM
The very end of the nose is just plain cool!!

...But the rest of it has a ways to go. The structure of the jaw and cheekbones is decent, but doesn't look very female yet. In fact, you might want to make a backup copy of that head to make into a guy later, if you want.

Re-check your head proportions. The eyes are too high up and the eyeballs themselves are too big.

Great face wire!! In fact, that looks almost exactly like the mesh layout I use myself these days. That will help you immensely in making the head.

I've got a head tutorial page ( you could take a peek at for ideas, too, particularly for using reference photos.

You definitely seem to have a good sense of the shape of different parts of the body, but you haven't learned just yet how to make them flow into each other nicely.

The spine is too sharply indented, the breasts are much, much too far apart, and the shoulders have all kinds of issues. The inner portion of the collarbones, at the base of the neck, looks good, but beyond about halfway out, things get pretty messy.

Look on for some good ref photos of women, that might help.

07 July 2003, 09:23 PM

Heres a wire. Not an update or anything. <<<Here>>> (

Lol Papershaker. Yes i cant say my reference was the most savory. All my anatomy books are at school, but i didnt quite want to make one of those airbrushed beauties.

mefestofel; Sorry about the links. I would host it in the thread if i could, but i do not have access to my FTP uploads so i have to host them on 3dbuzz.

Gnarly, thanx. Your opinion especially holds weight:thumbsup: And the head actually originally came from .This Thread (, with just a little bit of major restructoring.

As the breasts are by consensus too far apart those will be fixed.
Anyone know any good should tuts? That part has been Hell.

Will update hopefully on Monday

07 July 2003, 11:13 AM
goon ....check out this character tut ( .... first though, grab some photos from here ( ... and lay em in as backgrounds for reference .... that will get ya heading towards your goal

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