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07 July 2003, 05:48 PM
Ive been trying to Create a realistic flag motion and its driving me insane. I figured it would be a few clicks of the mouse in maya to get the look i wanted but its not workin out. Ive tried Softbody dynamics, which seems to give me a jumbled mass of lumps rather than the flowing flap i desire. I then tried Cloth simulations but the Field constraints just arent working out for me. I ended up attatching a Wave deformer to a plane and thats bout the closest i come to the look im after but something about it just doesnt look right.

Wondering if anyone else out there has worked on something similar and managed to get their desired look with as little resistence from maya as possible :) If so i would worship you if ya shared it with me!


your friendly neighborhood TOE

07 July 2003, 08:29 PM
my technique that worked for me.

Make a plane
make it a softbody with a copy as the goal
apply uniform (or wind), turbulence (with low freq.) and a little gravity.
Animate the field parameters so they're not constant.
Here's the real trick
take your goal object and run a sin or wave deformer through it so it ripples in the breeze.
When you combine the regularity of the goal (set at <.6) with the randomness of the fields, you can get a fairly convincing effect.


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