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05 May 2002, 05:55 AM
A local post house want so sell their xsi license to me, what is involved, the maintenance contract has expired, and I would not be renewing it, what is involved in transfering the license 'as is'

Cheers, Nick

05 May 2002, 06:26 AM
Hi, Normally you can not sell software to someone else.
Because that software is licensed on the name of that company/person. Offcourse, if it's for private use it can always. If you want to use this software for business, then there could be some minor problems.
What you could to is make a deal with Softimage, and ask to upgrade that xsi license.
That's what my company did with there old Animo licenses. They changed to US Animation and sold there Animo licenses to other companies. But the buyers had to make a deal with Cambridge ( makers of Animo ) to upgrade this licenses.

So, check out first if it can give problems ( if it's for business).:thumbsup:

05 May 2002, 10:53 AM
Ed Harris just talked about this in the general forum and said XSI's license IS transferable which is not the case for every 3D software... But asking Softimage directly about it would be wise.

05 May 2002, 12:45 PM
Strange, but good to know.

05 May 2002, 01:43 PM
You can transfer XSI from one owner to another. I don't know how much it will cost, but there is a license transfer fee. You will also have to pay "back maintenance" from the time they stopped paying it till now if you want to get the latest and newer versions of XSI for free.

05 May 2002, 06:50 PM
I just saw this on another list.... thanks a lot Matt.

Actually, the rules changed very recently. Having acquired a license second hand myself, I can tell you what I went through:

1) There will be a transfer fee only if you are changing operating systems and/or dongles. $1000 US to change operating systems, $500 US to get a new dongle issued.

2) Back maintenance is no longer charged for out of date licenses. Instead, you have to pay an "upgrade" fee for each major software version you are out of date (The old method made you pay $ per each month out of date). The upgrade fee is optional. If you stick with the current version you have on hand, then no fee applies.

3) You cannot purchase a maintenance contract until your license is fully up to date. A license that is a few versions old may become very costly. For example, Here in the USA, upgrading a v1.5 license to v2.0x will cost $2,600 for the upgrade fee, plus an additional $2,400 for a maintenance contract if desired. That's $5,000 on top of the cost paid to acquire the license from the seller. However, once you're on maintenance, all upgrades are free for the rest of the contract.

Be careful. Should XSI v2.5 be released while you still have an XSI v1.5 license in your hands, you'll then have to pay 2 upgrade fees before you can purchase a maintenance contract: $2,600 to upgrade to v2.0x, an additional $2,600 to upgrade from v2.0x to v2.5, then another $2,400 to get the maintenance contract. Total cost is $7,600 US.

If you're gonna purchase an XSI license 2nd hand, make sure you get something recent or else it'll cost you just as much or more than a new license from the dealer.

Hope this helps.

05 May 2002, 10:04 PM
Thanks for the replies folks, Ed very helpful as always!

So I take it if I just want the license 'as is' with no upgrades or OS changes it is up to me & the company to work out a price, with no further involvement with softimage?

Cheers, Nick

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