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Maximum Mind
07 July 2003, 04:13 PM
!!! Warning, this is an unpaid proprosition !!!

Hi everybody,

In this world, Arts are an international language which allow to form and do fantastic artistic creations. But it’s difficult to do something alone, there is more chances to do a good thing if a real community of developers is created. A community where, creations, artistic feeling, talent and organization are the main themes.

To follow this vision, from almost one year now, I’ve created a “VIRTUAL” volunteer studio called Maximum Mind. We have three goals :
- Help multimedia projects in script and development
- Create new and (if possible) original complete and interesting games
- Promote the work of our artists and developers who collabore with us

Currently, we are around thirty members, distributed in few projects. Each project that we are developing is free, because the main things are : earn experience, promotion of the work and fun creations. However, all members will receive a complete packaging of the game when it will be finished. We have many talentuous developers and artists with us and try to help others developers who are with us. We have also contacts with few profesionnal developers who help us as consultants and allow us to keep the good way. Our games are developing either in C++ or Dark Basic Professionnal Edition, depends on the size and the planning for each project. Because we are organized, we need few artists to complete our teams. But, if they are also talented programmers, musicians, designers or other, who search good project to join ; feel free to contact me. I have certainly a place for you in our projects, or if not, I know good teams seeking new members. We work hard and we have results.

If you are interested, please, send a mail at :

Our main project : Earth Kingdoms Conflict – A 3d RTS Game. NOMADE STUDIOS

Web Site : (the site is in french for the moment)
Direct Link :

The game is free but we will distribute it by Internet, specialised newspaper (magazines) and sent by Mail (postal). We are currently seeking some 2d artists / designers / and 3d artists (models & animations) to complete our actual graphic team. It’s a real plus if you have a bit of experience (on projects or others) or some good examples of you work (like a portfolio).

The atmosphere of the game is a mix between heroic fantasy and science-fiction. In 2080, after a nuclear war for the last resources of the world, the earth is saved by a "crash meteorite" in Australia which "clean" the atmosphere. The mankind comes-back to the surface, but some humans who were stayed on the surface, while the environment was full of nuclear waves, develop a magical power. Humans inspect the meteor and discover an inexhaustible energy (the Moquadia) who serve for all in the life. Since weapons to factory. They are less vehicles, computer and anything of the 20 century. After the come-back, four kingdoms has been created and take the power on the world. You are the general Liam Mc Knight, general of the New Empire (who is in Europe with precepts like in roman empire) and you are in campaign in Africa for the emperor. But, a high danger (an old demon and his demoniac army) threats the world. This is a few part of the story.

A direct link to the gallery :
Two posters here in CGI :

The game :
For PC, made with Dark Basic (and the professionnal version). One campaign of 9 missions.
Missions over a reconstructed world. A high concept for the story and the gameplay (really) ;-). The game atmosphere is a mix between, Gladiator, The Lord of the Rings and some science-fiction and heroic fantasy.

Actually, we have done :
- the scenario (or script), the game design document, the level-editor is in progress (he’s able to built a map), some roughs for the atmosphere and unities (2 of the 4 nations are covered), some 3d models (few soldiers, tanks, buildings etc …), some basic conceptions and storyboard for the cinematic of introduction (high graphics scenes) , some little music and the most important thing : a first playable test of the alpha version of the game with few models and units.

We hope finish the game for the end of the 2003 and we are on the good way.

Our Team speaks generally French but some of us speak English too. The programming team is composed by six coders who are good and a consultant specialised in the program language (dark basic professional edition). Some of ours artist members are experimented and one of them has worked for a French video game society for 2 years (Kalisto). We have also a professional game designer (+4 years in Cryo, Widescreen Games) and many 3d artist semi-professional or professional. The average age of the members is around 18 – 35 years old.
No one is paid but every member who make the game will be receive to the end, an exemplar of the game (with box, manuals) and a promotion of his work during the development and after. They are also a very good ambiance which allow to meet other good developers like you.

We know that we won't do the best game of the year (we are realist) but we want to make a fun game who interest some people for his concept and history. An English transcription of the game will be do too (and maybe other languages). The CG kinematic could even be showed in 3d festivals, who knows.

The second project : Energen – A 3d world creation tool

Based on Dark Basic, this program will allow to make complex 3d world for some games like Tomb Raider-Like, adventures games etc … It is developed by a project conceptor from Airbus who has many skills. The world creation tool is almost finished (problably in August).
To make a little demo for the 4th quarter of this year, we are seeking in priority one 3d artist, one 2d artist/skinning and a musician.
A basic demo can be seen here :
Web site of the project :

The third project : Survivor (working tittle) a survival-horror game. CREATOR STUDIOS

Similar to Resident Evil and Silent Hill, it’s developed by one talentuous programmer and a 3d artist. A musician help us too. We are developing the script ans have yet produced a technological playable demo to show an example. Our final game will be different from the demo and have better graphics. We are seeking some 3d artists (for models & anims)
Here is the basical demo :

If you have questions, feel free to say them.

Best Regars,
« Maximum Mind », project manager , virtual studio which help in multimedia creation

Dancing Monkey
07 July 2003, 06:52 PM
When you say "designer" do you mean someone that comes up with ideas for the games? If that's so, I can do some 3D buildings and such and I've got several complete, or close to complete designs for some games.

Maximum Mind
07 July 2003, 08:15 PM
By designer, I mean someone who can create an object on the base of a description, so who can draw this (and if he could model it too, it would pe perfect). If you are able to model directly without draw, it's possible too.

So, for us, a designer is before all, a concept draughtsman.

If the definition correspond to you (I hope) ^^, don't hesitate to contact me.

To show an example :

Maximum Mind
07 July 2003, 09:54 AM
Sorry, forget to precise the artist requierement.

Models and animations are made with 3ds Studio Max 5.x (we use models .3ds, .x and animations .x for the moment, other formats will be used soon)
Textures with any software like Photoshop, Gimp, etc ...

CGI with 3ds Studio Max 5.x (0 or 1), Maya 4.5, After Effect, Combustion etc (all softwares for post-production) ...

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