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07 July 2003, 02:15 AM

At the moment Im having a little play with combustion, I've been through a few chapters in the manual, but on the web I dont really see that many specific tutorials( I am mainly into 3dsmax).

Are there any dedicated combustion 2 sites as there are 3D sites?

P.S How was the matrix effect created where, the footage has like the matrix lines going over the whole screen, and then it fades in to the normal picture


Sorry for the noob questions :)

Jack Pfeiffer
07 July 2003, 07:38 AM

First and Foremost, PLEASE remeber that there are over 13 FREE Tutorials that are already available from Discreet.... They are on the DEMO CD-ROM, or you can find them at:

These Lessons cover almost all the "basics" and have PDF files with instructions for each lesson, as well as ZIP files with the media, workspace files, and sample AVI/MOV files. Here is the summary of free lessons:

-Intro: Welcome to combustion (PDF - 301 KB) which includes Detailed descriptions of the lessons, terms, the conventions used in the tutorials, as well as instructions for setting the preferences needed for the tutorials
-Lesson 1: Touring combustion
-Lesson 2: Creating Composites in 2D Space
-Lesson 3: Compositing in 3D Space
-Lesson 4: Using Paint
-Lesson 5: Tracking and Stabilizing
-Lesson 6: Keying
-Lesson 7: Using Garbage Masks
-Lesson 8: Color Correcting
-Lesson 9: Animating Particle Effects PDF
-Lesson 10: Working with Paint Selections
-Lesson 11: Animating Layers in 3D Space
-Lesson 12: Working with Motion Graphics
-Lesson 13: Using Scenes from 3ds max
-Bonus:Combustion for AE users (four more lessons and tips)

NEW: Discreet has added over 30 Free Workspaces with basic effects for free download.. You can open these up and "reverse engineer" to learn them, modify them and use them..
Get them at:

NEXT, below is a Rundown of some of the FREE TRAINING websites -- most offer chatrooms, tutorials and tips.

Here at > Home of the 3D Festival - with a buncha Chatrooms > News Articles and chatrooms (Chat room, Tutorials, articles, etc.) >> Extensive Tips & Tricks postings, articles & chatrooms chatroom, and free tutorials (DIVX videos) chatrooms >> VTM (Video Training Magazine) & chatrooms

User websites - with Discreet Combustion Tutorials and help, and are really worth mentioning ... Thanks to all these people! (These are Listed in No particular order... ) (PowerUser/Trainer Lee "Rod" Roderick provides a buncha Tutorials - CWS's but no PDFs...) Ben Munkres provides a geat tutorial working in 3D space, with 10 pg PDF.) (particles tutorial) (PowerUser/Trainer Gary Davis's kool help guides)

If you are an After Effects User and considering Combustion, be sure to read the following articles from Digital Producer Magazine. Entitled "Combustion 2 for After Effects Users," it is a series of three articles designed to help explain things....Nicely written by Kevin Schmitt.....
- Part 1: Working with Illustrator files
- Part 2: Working with Photoshop files
- Part 3: A birds-eye view of the C2 interface

Yet another article, from Animation World Magazine, entitled "Combustion 2 in Action" written by Scott Jenkins. He reviews Combustion 2 and checks in with a production "in progress" to see how Combustion stacks up against key competitor After Effects.... Although it is a year old, it is still a good read....

BUYING TRAINING MATERIAL....................

If you are ready to spend money to learn, Discreet does sell their Courseware, which is what they use when you buy one of their Discreet classes:

Discreet Combustion v2 Courseware-with CD-ROM, used at the Discreet Training Centers in the official Discreet classes worldwide. There are priced at approximately US $ 75.00 and can be ordered through your local Discreet Dealer.
WHAT YOU GET: Discreet combustion v2 Courseware Index- 37 Lessons with CD-ROM: Table of Contents: Part 1 - Using Paint = 1- learning Paint Basics ; 2 - Animation Text ; 3 - Exploring Draw Modes in Text ; 4 - Revealing a Background Image ; 5 - Wire Removal ; 6 - Creating Text Gradients ; 7 - Animating Gradients ; 8 - Combining Selections ; 9 - Animating Selections ; Part 2 - Fundamentals : 10 - Touring Combustion ; 11 - Creating Simple Composites ; 12 - Using Operators in a Composite ; Part 3 - Transforming Layers : 13 -Animating Layers Using Pivot Points ; 14 Keyframing ; Part 4 - Linking and Controlling Layers ; 15 -Cropping and Corner-Pinning ; 16 - Linking Layers Through Parenting ; 17 - Aligning Objects to a Motion Path ; 18 -Linking Layers with Hinging ; Part 5 - Changing Layer Surface Properties ; 19 - Setting Surface Properties ; 20 - Exploring Transfer Modes ; 21 - Displacing a Layer ; Part 6 - Using Channels, Mattes and Masks ; 22 - Using Alpha Channels ; 23 - Creating Channel Effects ; 24 - Using Masks ; Part 7 - Using Null Objects, Lights, and the Camera ; 25 - Animating with a Null Object ; 26 - Moving the Camera ; 27 - Creating Shadows with Lights ; Part 8 - Tracking and Stabilizing : 28 - One-Point Tracking ; 29 - Four-Point Tracking ; 30 - Two-Point Stabilizing ; Part 9 - Keying and Color Correcting : 31 - Using the Discreet Color Corrector ; 32 - Using the Discreet Keyer ; Part 10 Nesting Composites : 33 - Basic Nesting ; 34 - Creating a Motion Blur ; 35 - Importing Workspaces ; Part 11 - Additional Lessons: 36 - Working with Rich Pixel Renderings ; 37 - Creating Particles Effects

Other "After Market" books and training materials....

1) I have written a Combustion training book, which is the first third party training book on the market. Entitled "Combustion v2: The On-line WebWarriors Guide" You can read about it here: or check the review at (book reviews.) Note that my WebWarrior Book is billed as a Tips & Tricks Guide to provide help to speed up any user and make them more efficient, not just as a beginner tool. Each book also includes a one-year subscription to updates and more Tips. In May 2003, I released (for free download to those who bought the book) another tutorial teaching Motion Graphics. So, my book is a book that "keeps on giving."

2) OUT NOW !!!!!!! I have reviewed the NEW " Advanced Combustion training DVDs " and they are HOT !!! Three power users/trainers, Lee "Rod" Roderick, Gary M. Davis, and Ken LaRue have teamed up to create 6.5 hours on four DVDS with 15 lesssons -- this is all real world projects for the advanced user, and well worth the investment.. Check them out at

3) There is a very good (and long) DVD / VHS Video set -- although expensive, you do get 14 hours ( ! ) of training and tutorials, also taught by Ken LaRue (see above.) Available from Technical Animations (

4) Coming up in the later this year a new book available on called “combustion ground rules” by Todd Petersen. The Table of contents for his book is scheduled to be: Chapter 1 Introduction to Post Effects - Chapter 2 Introduction to the Combustion Interface - Chapter 3 Quick Start Tutorial - Chapter 4 Paint 101 - Chapter 5 More on Paint - Chapter 6 Compositing 101 - Chapter 7 More on Compositing - Chapter 8 Working with Audio - Chapter 9 Integration with MAX - Chapter 10 Integration with Edit - Chapter 11 Advanced Compositing - Chapter 12 Advanced Compositing 2. Gpo to to read more.

5) There is an older 90-minute Combustion v1 VHS Training Tape with advanced subject material available at It has received excellent reviews and covers color correction, keying and more.

Anyway, there's FREE TRAINING and stuff you can BUY...

Whatever you do . . . . Keep Combustin' !


Author: "WebWarriors Guide to Combustion" - -
- Demo Artist & Trainer

07 July 2003, 05:33 AM

Thanks Jack, I really appreciate the time you've taken to post that info, I've looked through and found some excellent resources.

Thanks for your help

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