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03 March 2009, 05:04 PM
3dsMax script developer needed for database driven position animation

Hi guys we are looking for macscripters to help converting data from spread sheet to control/drive objects in max.

The requirements are

The spreadsheet will contain series of entities and their transformation(position/rotation) data over a period of time.
We need to load the spreadsheet into max and then apply the transformation to certain objects in the scene.
A simple straightforward interface in max is required. i.e., "load" and "apply" .

This is a initial development for one of our projects, if it works out well, we may expand the applications and possibly a long term development.

If interested please contact


03 March 2009, 06:35 PM

i am interested in this script.
I need to import a data file with (xyz) coordinates and three rotations angles, and then with this information move a solid...

i have this script but it doesnt work well, if you can help me please

This Script will reset your scene, so save before running it.
resetMaxFile #noPrompt
s = sphere ()
spaz = s.pos.controller

-- Function Definition
fn AddKeysFromFile ctrl file =
local f = openFile file
while (not eof f) do
local x = addNewKey ctrl t
local a = [readValue f,readValue f,readValue f]
x.value = a
t += 10
close f

AddKeysFromFile spaz "infiniti.dat"

con el archivo infiniti
96.011, -150.876, 138.0289
-5.2103, -230.7725, 122.3503
29.9328, -212.5843, 9.2386
92.5178, -120.9492, -57.7814
-0.5455, 1.8896, 11.4197
-91.7734, 124.0946, 122.0455
-28.3564, 213.9283, 164.8463
4.4424, 231.2096, 84.569
-102.4511, 155.1786, -55.0066
-15.7436, 9.4353, -11.2804


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