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07 July 2003, 09:46 PM
Hey all,
I am having some problems with a little walkcycle I did. I want to loop the walkcycle using MotionMixer. When I add the cycle in MotionnMixer, everything looks fine but when I start to loop it, the character always jumps back to the starting point oft the cycle.
I allready know, that it would have been better to do the cycle "on the spot" without forward motion.

Is there a way to give the walkcycle some offset in x,y ot z so that it will loop correctly?

Thanks :thumbsup:


07 July 2003, 01:41 AM
If you don’t want the forward motion anymore just delete it !!!
Select the motion in motion mixer, go to edit motion, this way you can edit the “baked” motion again, delete the keys for your forward motion and again click on edit motion and accept the changes to the motion.
After you have done these steps, you can still animate your Position.X (just a guess, hehe) motion in “standard” layouter.
The problem I see with the forward motion in MotionMixer is that if you didn’t center (script or whatever) your pelvis (forward motion) between your feet’s, it will look pretty bad after a few steps anyway, the Pelvis X position wouldn’t be centered between your feet’s anymore after a few steps and you know how stupid that will look. :shame:

You can also right click on your motion in MotionMixer and add a post behaviour, maybe it works that way too with your Position.X motion !!!

But Florian do you really want to use the MotionMixer ? :curious:
It is very buggy and I know (Hehe, ich weiß was du machst Florian) you shouldn’t use it in this case…

Phonen morgen Nachmittag ? Ich melde mich…:wavey:

Good luck

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